Who I am…

My name’s Beth.

I live in New York City and I am a teacher of children with autism. I love Disney, theatre, music, reading, writing, yoga, traveling, and Taekwondo!


16 thoughts on “Who I am…

  1. I too have a blog on WordPress…i’ve not made it public yet though. I was actually trying to figure out how to just invite certain people to read it.
    I’m excited to have subscribed to your blog.
    I hope I can lend some encouragement along the way.

  2. Hi,

    I stumbled across some of your posts on the Runners World forum, and I was impressed by the way you shared your knowledge and kept your cool in a thread that quickly became a bit discouraging to a running newbie.

    I’m enjoying your blog very much. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with beginner penguins like me!

    • Thanks June! I try. I’ve learned the hard way on boards before sometimes it’s best just to step away.

      And you’re welcome! I’m just sharing what I learn as I learn it. I still feel like a newbie myself! 😀

    • I’ll try to cover running-related gifts in a post by the end of the weekend.

      Do be aware that the Wine and Dine Half Marathon (they have only had a Half and Half Relay in October) doesn’t have any dates attached to it right now, so no one’s sure when it will be. There’s some thought they may be bringing back a Tower of Terror run. But the key will be to watch runDisney.com for further information.

    • Hi Jennifer! Great to “meet” you! We should definitely chat about between race plans!! My thinking is I’ll take a week of recovery and from there I had been thinking that I’d just pick up the plan I’m using now (from Chicago Endurance Sports via Team Breakthrough), but I’m beginning to think I may do a Higdon one. We’ll see. It would be great to say hi in Chicago or at Disney!

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