My Birthday Cruise Report Day 9 – Venice Day 1

Today started as a sea day as we weren’t docking until 3pm or so. But one thing became clear around 11:30am or so (as we were told we would probably begin our lagoon entry around noon)…

Venice sail in?

Is like Glacier Day in Alaska, but warmer. So people staked out their spots along the rail early and stayed put rather than wandering around.

It was a beautiful thing to pass The Lido (the beach island)


and watch the city come into view.




The Doges Palace and Piazza San Marco are beautiful.


And crazy crowded!!


EPCOT definitely got the Doges Palace right though!


And winged lions are EVERYWHERE!!



I wanted to get a stuffed one, but could not find one ANYWHERE!! Venice marketers – you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity there!!!!

I was glad that we were in port before I had to go and meet for my excursion. Murano Glass and Burano Lace.

We left the ship and got onto a boat (you go by foot and/or boat in Venice!), First stop was Murano Island.


We went into a demonstration studio where we watched a glass artist make a vase and a horse.




We were then ushered into their showroom where we were dazzled by chandeliers, gorgeous colorful vases, and other treasures – with very, very large price tags. Eventually they admitted there was more affordable stuff downstairs. I found a purple unicorn and knew he had to be mine!


We had the chance to wander a little, but most things were closed or closing, so we were quickly back on the boat to head to Burano Island.


Burano is known for its lace, so we watched a brief demonstration…


After we exited through a little museum and saw a wedding dress from 1858 that is entirely of lace – it took TWO YEARS to make!


But the real draw of Burano is the houses! They are COLORFUL! The legend behind why is that the fishermen used to come in late at night and would often stumble into the wrong house. By making them all different colors, they could at least identify their house by color! True or not, the island is beautiful…




After wandering around, we got back on the boat and headed back towards Venice. The sun was setting, and the views were beautiful!


We made a quick stop close to Piazza San Marco so that those who wanted to get off for dinner or just wandering Venice could do that. Thankfully that included a couple who were a lot obnoxious and a foursome that included (his wife’s words) “the world’s most cocky and obnoxious man” – the foursome could NOT decide if they were going to get off or not, and the entire boat (and probably people in those that passed us) heard their debate. When Mr. Cocky and Obnoxious stood up and marched aft saying LOUDLY “Ok, we are getting off!” there was a collective sigh of relief and a round of golf claps. (Honestly, I was half out of my seat so if they decided to stay I’d just jump off and then catch the next ship shuttle just to get away from him.)

I got some nibbles when I got back to the ship, then read for a while and went to bed.

28466554283_5168aab823_bGood night Venice!


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