My Birthday Cruise Report Day 11 – Ravenna

Contrary to multiple reports from this itinerary two cruises ago (the last time this itinerary went on Brilliance) that they were no longer charging for the shuttle from port into Ravenna, the Cruise Compass indicated that it was. Which was backed up by Shore Excursions. (Per someone in the executive office who responded to my mainly complimentary letter after the cruise, this was a “last minute decision by the port” to begin charging again. My guess is they realized how much they were losing in guaranteed money.) So for $22, you could take a 15 minute bus ride into town (and back).

I gave serious consideration to just going to the beach next to the port


but realized that a) it was Saturday so there would likely be a lot of the locals descending on the beach (I was right), b) it would be a lot more sun, and c) being solo it would be hard to do anything but just sit on the sand as there would be no one to watch my stuff. (I LOVE traveling solo, but there are times it can present unique challenges.) Mostly C made my decision. Plus it looked more like lake calm than sea-ish with waves and stuff.

So I sucked it up and paid the shuttle fare. We were given maps, but to be honest they seemed completely backwards to the actual streets.

I found a couple of churches with the mosaics that Ravenna is apparently so famous for (honestly I’d never heard of Ravenna before, so it was all new to me)…



28803959580_60e8a1d09f_bI was fascinated with their processional crucifix.

29013459501_a518284289_bIt has a unicorn mosaic! It can’t be all bad!!

I did manage to find Dante’s Tomb


And then I stumbled upon Sant’Apollinare Nuovo


and decided to pay the fee to go in. It actually covered multiple locations, but I had a headache that was getting worse, and the backwards map was not helping matters. It was pretty to see the mosaics in there…





When I got back to the ship, I took some Aleve and got more water along with some made-by-me iced coffee and some food. That all worked together – along with some rest – to help make the headache go away. I found a place to curl up and read for a little while before my spa appointment.

It was a nice half-body (back and arms) massage followed by a full body scrub with a lime-ginger-salt scrub. Made me feel all shiny and new!

Walked around a little

28469426694_a6107bc0ed_bI was right about the beach!

and did some more reading before dinner.

After dinner while I was wandering (amazingly – and sadly – without my camera), the usual “group” that played in the Centrum (Soul Inspirations – not so good…the woman was pretty much a glorified karaoke singer. But I found out in the same letter response I mentioned earlier that ship personnel had observed the same thing and the entertainment management was reviewing things) was taking a break. Jeremie – the Activities Director – introduced one of the tech guys for entertainment. His name is Javier, and OMG does he have a voice. Absolutely amazing!! I was like “Ok, he could totally play Emilio in ‘On Your Feet!’ – not that I want Ektor to leave any time soon!!” Super cute and amazing vocals!!

When he finished, I wandered to the theater to see Rob Lewis, who is a Phil Collins impersonator. I guess he won some kind of show in the UK for celebrity impersonators? Vocally he wasn’t bad. But… Ok, admittedly I’ve never seen Phil Collins in person, but I don’t think he’d pull as many stunts as this guy did. I could be wrong though.

When the show was over, I wandered up to the pool deck where the Latin Nights White Party was going on. Latin Vibes – another ship band – was decidedly more Latin than I’d observed them to be before (yeah…I was definitely like “You are being so OYF! here!!!” when I’d make the observation that they weren’t being very “Latin” early on in the cruise. Some horns would have been nice though! 🙂

Then I headed to the cabin to get ready for bed after another fun day on the cruise!


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