My Birthday Cruise Report Day 10 – Venice Day 2

Or “The whole ‘tampon tax’ thing in NY has nothing on Venice – where it is cheaper to be a smoker than to be a woman on your period!” (more on that later)

This morning, I got up early to be sure that I was on the first shuttle leaving at 8. (The ship offered a shuttle into Venice and back – $25/person/day. Yes, there were less expensive options, but this was convenient. I also didn’t think I was going to have to pay for a shuttle in Ravenna…but that’s for the next entry.)

We were dropped off at “the monument of the guy on the horse”.


I swear that is what everyone referred to it as. It’s a couple of bridges away from Piazza San Marco, but not a bad walk at all. I snapped some pics on the way.

28798238150_ca2f44a70c_bGondolas waiting for the day.

29051745056_73e8197f0f_bThe Bridge of Sighs

It was really nice leaving that early so that I could get some fairly empty piazza pictures…



I wandered all over and went into one place that actually had a menu for their coffee, but the guy was so rude when I asked for what I had found on the menu that I wanted, I left. Ended up getting a lovely cappuccino to take away from a place on the Piazza – slightly more expensive, but much less attitude.

By then, a line was forming for San Marco, so I jumped on the end of it. My not-that-old guidebook did not mention no pictures, but there were clearly signs that said that. So no pictures inside. Some outside though…






Given that it took me about 10-15 minutes (I did not go up to the horses), I’m guessing the no pictures thing must be at least partially a way to move people through quickly – especially as wicked busy as that place gets.

After that, I wandered around trying to figure out how to get to the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. Finally – ok, part of the charm of Venice is getting lost wandering the streets, but sometimes you just want to find where you’re going! – I accomplished that.

28467532464_48638775f5_bthe goal…





29056544366_b667a6cd8b_bEnjoying the view!

Getting back over towards San Marco was a challenge, but eventually I made it. Then I started trying to figure out how to get to the Rialto Bridge. Theoretically easy as there are signs, but they are not at consistent intervals, and it’s easy to get turned around.

I found it, but the challenge was not so much worth it…


It’s undergoing renovation, so half of it is covered with a scrim painted to look like the bridge. Plus it was crazy crowded – so much I didn’t want to attempt to get my camera out and stop for a picture.

So I walked back to Piazza San Marco for a few more shots…

28471344673_45cab1cb65_bMuch more crowded than earlier in the day!

But before getting on the shuttle (guys, you can ignore this part if you want), I needed to get some more tampons. I’d taken some with me, but clearly not enough (new cruise rule – take half as many clothes as I think I’ll need and twice as many tampons!!). Followed an arrow towards “cold drinks” and a tabbaccheri thinking they might have them…they did.

After I paid and was putting my change away and gathering my stuff, I heard the exchange between the shop clerk and the guy behind me in line as he bought two packs of cigarettes. Those two packs were only 3 euro more than what I’d just paid for ONE box!

Yep! Something that is totally unnecessary for anyone is cheaper than something that is definitely necessary (at least some form of feminine protection) for half+ of the population!

Definitely needed a break after that, so it was onto the shuttle and back to the ship.


I read, got some nibbles, went to the solarium pool and hot tub for a little while, and then took a shower to get ready for dinner.

We started pulling out as I was finishing my dessert, so I was able to go out on deck and grab a few more pics…


Arrivederci Venice!! I definitely want to return for a more “land based” vacation!!


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