My Birthday Cruise Report Day 7 – Amalfi Coast (Capri), Italy

Today was a super early day as we sailed towards Salerno and the Amalfi Coast…


I had to be in the theater at 6:45 for my excursion – Capri on Your Own.

My group and three others headed out to a jet launch to Capri. My group and one other stayed on the island for the day while the other two left to do other sightseeing (I think that was actually one tour split into two groups, but I’m not 100% on that).

I had already bought a boat tour around the island. But of course our “guide” for the excursion had an offer of a boat tour (the same company) for the same price or a tour up to Anacapri. I definitely wish I’d known that there was going to be that offer (or just eaten the pretty small amount I’d paid in advance) and gone with them because they had a little boat all to themselves. But the guide was pretty snotty when I started to ask him – “Well why’d you buy it in advance?” was asked with attitude.

There was no such thing as a line on the little dock waiting, and when they announced the next yellow tour boats, it was a giant cluster as people just jumped into them. I made it onto one, and initially I was stuck next to two selfish-stick wielding girls (I actually had to ask them if they’d put them down when they weren’t directly taking a picture so it wouldn’t mess up my pictures!), but eventually was able to move to a better place on the boat.

Going around the island was really beautiful. Here are a few pictures…





It was hot and sunny, and there was no cover on the boat (unless you were the driver), and the island was super busy, so by the time we got to the Blue Grotto


the wait to get into one of the smaller row boats was 90 minutes or more. I could tell I was already getting a little too much sun, so as much as I wanted to see it, I knew it was not worth the extra time bobbing around in the sun.

There was another boat from the same company that had a few people who wanted to wait, and our boat was about 50/50, so the drivers maneuvered the boats beside each other and we did an in-water passenger swap.

Once back on land, I bought round trip tickets for the funicular up to Capri Town. But yet again, it was a total cluster waiting for the funicular up – no line, people just jumping into a clump.

I remembered reading that there was a path you could walk up, so I decided to do that. I set off, and started climbing. And climbing. And climbing. There were at least two false summits. And by the time I finally made it up, I was NOT a happy camper.


I look happy, but really my teeth are gritted and my sunglasses are hiding tears – I was hot and tired and just wanted to sit down. But the view WAS worth it (I think)…


(that’s the Costa Classica anchored off shore – a big part of the reason the island was so crowded)

I wandered Capri Town for a little while, then headed back down – via funicular where there was NO line.

When I got down, I decided on a restaurant and had a frozen daiquiri


and a caprese salad


and felt MUCH better!

I wandered a little and headed to our meeting point. The jet launch was much less crowded on the way back with only two groups.

I had a nice dinner back on the ship, and a pretty uneventful evening. Only one person got paged to contact Guest Services just after All-Aboard. But only once, so either he just made it or was on board and just didn’t get registered back by the system. We might have left someone in Rome the day before… Two parties were initially paged, and then eventually only one with “IMMEDIATELY” in that page, and we left shortly thereafter. But I don’t know if the person got on board or got left.

I’m writing this with a heavy heart for all those killed, injured, and left homeless in the earthquake in Italy. It’s such a beautiful country and such beautiful people. My prayers are with them!!


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