My Birthday Cruise Report – Day 3, Embarkation Day!!

I woke up, ate my Luna Bar and got dressed and ready, then headed to Starbucks and wander around for a little while. I ended up all the way down at the waterfront and caught a glimpse of the ship’s funnel between some trees in the distance…


I walked back and double checked that everything was packed up, then checked out of the hotel and waited for my car (Eloi had arranged my car service both times and arranged for me to have the same driver so I’d know who to look for).

She drove me to the port, and before I knew it, I was checked in and heading towards the ship…


I checked in with the maitre’d at My Time Dining just to verify that as long as I kept my dining reservations at the same time (6:15) he would arrange that I could have the same table and servers each night! Yay!

Then I headed up to the Windjammer and got walked around that area. They have one whole side of one of the buffet stations designated as “Gluten Free Corner”, plus you can ask for a gf bagel or pizza! Their hamburgers and hot dogs (without the bun of course – of “protein style” I like to say) are gf as are the fries, but double check about those as sometimes the fryers are shared. They also have a gf dessert option all the time (though I’d discover it’s always a pudding or a mousse).

Shortly thereafter, they opened the hallway doors indicating that cabins were ready, so I headed towards mine…



Yes, I was geeky enough to get birthday decorations that included pillowcases and a beach towel. I also got myself some pink roses…


…because I hate red roses, and some chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling wine.


(The streamers I brought from home after saving them from a Disney cruise…it’s fun to have something at sail away!)

A little more wandering, and then I headed to the spa to try my luck at the raffle – and I won!! The big prize of $150 credit – only towards the spa, which was in the tiny fine print, but that was ok. I booked the Exotic Lime-Ginger Salt Glow with a half-body massage for the afternoon of Ravenna day.

Of course, there was muster drill – I was lucky and mine was in the theater!! Then unpacking and more wandering.

I got to meet my stateroom attendant, Yara, who was super nice and bubbly.

First night dinner went well. I was more limited with my choices the first night, but I opted for steak and veggies which was yummy.


After I finished, my waiter Mohit would bring me the menu for the next night so I could select what I wanted. My assistant server Mikhail was also awesome. As were Ciprian and Roy, a team at tables nearby who always made it a point to come and chat with me as well every night.

After dinner I wandered around for a little while taking in the sunset…


It was so exciting to finally be on this trip after 11 months of planning and anticipating!!


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