Balancing it out; Listening to the body and Looking for the beauty

It was awesome last week having the time off from school to recharge. While the cold weather made me question my sanity for deciding to cancel the cruise I’d initially scheduled for last week, it turns out that my “stay-cation” was all for the best.

First, it allowed me to go to some of the morning classes at the dojang, which I fell in love with. It was all women (apparently that’s usually how it is) with the exception of the Wednesday instructor and the Friday co-instructor. Wednesday was “Beginning Sparring” which was different from “Sparring Basics” in that we did a lot more light sparring rather than the kick and block drills we do on Monday. I’m not complaining about those at all – I need them to learn! But as much as I like to quote “Mulan” regarding sparring (“But I don’t wanna kick the other kids’ butts!”), it was kinda fun. Do I want to build up and maybe compete sparring? No clue yet. But… At the end of class when we paired up and sparred for 2 minutes, the others were all like “Look at that face. So competitive!” And Master Lim said to them “That’s what you need! You need the competitive spirit!” then after, one of the black belts I’ve worked with before said “Get her trained and this one will be your best fighter!” I don’t know about that…we’ll see. But they were all so supportive – one even said “I remember even when you were a white belt…you were always smiley and friendly, but I could just see you NEVER quit. I said ‘She is made for this!'” So it was sadness to leave Friday knowing I won’t be back with them until the summer if then because the schedule sometimes changes.

Other stuff with Taekwondo is going well. I’ve definitely got my form (Tae Geuk Sam Jang) down to the point that it’s all about nit-picking right now. Which is good because the next belt test is on March 5!! Whee!! Tuesday’s class was…challenging. I was not totally on top of things, and it showed – my instructor asked me about it last night; he could tell something was off with me. It’s just a lot of stuff – school is always stressful so there’s that, I got the “we need to verify your identity before we process your refund” from the IRS all of TWO DAYS before I was supposed to get my refund – so now it could be up to SIX WEEKS until I get is (don’t get me wrong – I’m glad they’re concerned about identity theft, but it seems like it should NOT take six weeks if we verify everything correctly; PLUS if they were going to flag a return, they should do it BEFORE they give the submitting agency (TurboTax in this case) a refund date!) which is just added stress as since I’d been given a date I’d planned budgeted stuff around that and was having to scramble to figure some things out (ok, lesson in don’t count on things before you have them, but who knew that this kind of reverse would happen), and I’m tired.

I recognize this.

And that’s why I didn’t stay for Basic Sparring on Monday night, Adult Basics last night, or go tonight. I opted to go to Modo for a yoga class this afternoon, which was great. I may actually make it a habit – take Thursday off from Taekwondo and do yoga. I think it’s a good plan on so many levels. So hopefully I can stick to this and make it work. Of course, next week is Open School so I can’t hit a Thursday yoga class – but I can’t go to the dojang either, so… I guess that works.

So it’s about finding lots of balance with stuff right now. Balance, peace, tranquility…

Yeah, and it’s an election year. *eyeroll* Let’s be honest… I know which party I will be voting for regardless in the general election. BUT… For the primaries, I am completely torn 50/50. There are aspects of each of the two candidates I like – and there are aspects of each ot the two candidates I dislike. If I could create a person with the LIKE qualities of both and none of the DISLIKE qualities, that would be the ideal candidate for me. But as it stands now, unless something happens to turn me completely towards or against one of them, I’m thinking I may just skip the primary. Believe me, I’m all about voting and the power and responsibility that comes with it. But when I’m this torn for the primary candidates yet know I’ll vote for whichever gets the nomination, it seems better for my mental and emotional state to just not vote in the primary. We’ll see though.

I do wish Twitter had a way to “mute” political tweets if one chooses. There are a couple of people I follow – people whose NON political tweets I like so I don’t want to unfollow or mute them completely – who are on totally opposite sides of one party. I’m not exaggerating when I say it is not uncommon to wake up and find that each of them has retweeted (since honestly they don’t usually have original thoughts on the candidates) AT LEAST 25 tweets belittling the other candidate, and it’s ANNOYING. Call me idealistic, but I would prefer that campaigning – by the candidates AND their supporters – would stick to talking about THAT candidate’s strengths and stances. But I know that in the real world it’s all about belittling the other candidate so that it ends up looking like two kids screaming insults on the playground – at least as far as supporters are concerned. Which to me doesn’t help either one of their cases. So I’ll be happy when this is all over. Perhaps wanting to move to Canada or somewhere else. But happy.

In the meantime, I’m opting to use what extra funds I have to support beauty and art in the form of truly independent film. Yes, I’m talking about “Lost In Time” again. Kat released another couple of scenes and man. I totally cannot wait for this film. I so admire that Kat is so far solo producing this (along with all of us supporting the campaign on GoFundMe) and is therefore able to stay true to her vision. She’s said on twitter that story, the people, and everything about this deserves THE BEST and I totally agree. That is why I feel so strongly about supporting this truly indie project and WILL do whatever I can to help it!! You can see the clips Kat has posted from the film as well as learn a bit more at the website: GoFundMe – Lost In Time. Please go and check it out!!

So yeah… I’m all about finding the balance and the beauty in life right now.


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