Support Truly Independent Film!

More stuff about me soon, but I wanted to share something super cool and super special.

Katherine Brooks, writer and director of the films Loving Annabelle and Waking Madison is in the final stages of completing her new film Lost in Time.

Guys? From everything I’ve seen, this is going to be a great movie with a powerful story (based on true-life events) and great acting (Jill Hennessy for one!). The trailer and clips Kat has released look AMAZING.

This film is truly independent – initial funding was through kickstarter, there’s been some additional funding through some EBay auctions, and now they’re in the final stretch and SOOOOOOOO close to having all the funding needed to complete post-production and get everything wrapped up.

So… Kat’s set up a GoFundMe page – Lost In Time GoFundMe – to raise the final bit of money. You can see the trailer there. And you can see more about the movie itself here – Lost In Time.

With all the talk about lack of recognition for women directors in Hollywood (as well as diversity in general), it’s great to see this truly independent, truly female-led film being so close to completion – just a little more to go.

No, Kat did not ask me to blog about this – I’m choosing to on my own because from all I know about this project I believe in it. I’ve made my own donations – through this campaign as well as through one of the auctions – a Buddah necklace Kat found in Thailand…

So I’m putting my money where my mouth is. 🙂

Seriously… Go and check out the links. This film is going to be special. Support it – and truly independent film!


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