Good friends, good times!!

Last weekend was the snowstorm – or as the meme said “Winter is coming! All of it! In One weekend!!” Haha!! We have warmed up and now there is just some “snirt” (snow that’s dirty) left on the side of the sidewalks.

The week was a little rough with shit going on at school. But I’m into the part of the year where I’m comfortable with the units, so things can only get better, right? I hope right!

The weekend has been awesome though!!

On Friday, I met up with my friend Kaz to take a NJ Transit train to Red Bank to see Jill Hennessy and Indigo Girls.

Kaz teased me that I was *only* going to see Jill, so I couldn’t help but toss a “Crossing Jordan” quote at her – “Um, and that’s a problem…why?” Heehee! I love Indigo Girls too, so it was an all-around AMAZING night!!

Jill rocked it out as usual! Songlist was: 4 Small Hands, I Do, Something’s Comin’, Edmonton, 10,000 Miles, Aimee, Save Me (those two could have been reversed, I forget), and her fan-friggin-tastic cover of No Surrender! LOVE!!!

Between Jill and Indigo Girls, Jill was signing CDs so I got to say hi. 🙂

And then it was time for Indigo Girls!! I have loved them since college!! Ah the memories there!! They were amazing – just them and Lyris Hung on violin and dulcimer – and man, she kicks ass!!

So good!! And yes, my seat kicked ass – I bought my ticket before Kaz (with my assistance and link to the Count Basie Theatre website to get her ticket) got hers, so being solo I scored one of the single seats on the two sides’ front row!!

There was an empty mic far stage right, and I was pretty sure I knew what that meant… And I was right!!

Embedded image permalink

Jill came out to sing “Closer To Fine” with them for their final encore!! AMAZING!!! (Of course I cracked up with her with her hands in her back pockets because that is exactly how her twin Jacq stands when Jacq sings with Jill at her gigs! LOVE my girls!!)

I had to use the Dreamscope app on that one and LOVE the way it came out!

Embedded image permalink

So that was Friday night. AMAZING!!!! I would have loved to have gone to their concert on Saturday as well, but it was a lot more difficult to get to via NJ Transit (I’ll say this…Jill’s gigs that have been in Jersey have gotten me to expand my transportation horizons. Haha!! Whippany, here I come on 2/28!!).

Plus it turns out that it was Front Runners Awards Night! And even though I ran all of three races last year and knew I was up for nothing (they only count cycling and swimming as “multi-sport” – not martial arts), but it’s fun to go and socialize!

Hanging with Scoops at dinner…

And Kaz and Scoops at the after party (and yes, the guy behind us cracks us up…so serious!!)

I hung with all my other FRNY peeps too – just didn’t get pics with all of them. 😦 Next year!!

But good times for sure!! If only all weekends could be like this!!

But then I guess they wouldn’t be special.


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