Life goes on…

So far things are going pretty well in this new year. I survived Blizzard Jonas 2016, so that’s good. Basically spent the whole weekend holed up in the apartment, but it’s all good. I had wine. I had food. I had power. I had time and internet, and so…

I booked a cruise for February Break 2017. Yes, over a year out. But hey. Celebrity Reflection Eastern Caribbean in an AquaClass stateroom here I come!! Super excited to try a new cruise line – it seriously looks amazing!! I’ve got a friend who pretty much exclusively cruises Celebrity, and she loves it, so I figure I’ll give it a shot. (The fact that I could book it with nothing down on JetBlue Cruises was just a bonus – I would have gone with Disney (my fave), but the no deposit was only up to $500 and since Disney charges 20% for a deposit… yeah. Not happening at this moment.)

Back to work (school) tomorrow – heaven forbid we have a day to let some of this massive snow go away. Ah well… We do get 2/8 off for Lunar New Year, and February Break is the week after.

Taekwondo is going well. The dojang has been closed all weekend because of the blizzard. So far haven’t heard that they’re closed tomorrow, so I’m hoping they’re open. I need to kick something!!!

Something that’s not a person. Honestly I definitely need to kick something right now. For all the talk about “we’ll be cordial” and “this isn’t going to affect anything with the group” it’s seeming to be bullshit as I appear to be completely incommunicado right now. But it’s all good because the person who really matters still seems to give a shit, and I have other friends to do things with.

So this week… Lots of Taekwondo. Jill Hennessy and Indigo Girls in Jersey – going with my friend Karen (we’re not sitting together, but we’re taking the train together and grabbing diner and so forth. Woohoo!!

Also still working on the Italy cruise plans, the Toronto Spring Break trip, and my solo Disney trip (wasn’t gonna be solo, but it’s for the best that it is). 2016 is gonna be a year of EPIC travel experiences. And that’s gonna carry over into 2017 with my Celebrity Reflection cruise!!  Travel is AWESOME!!!!

Hope everyone is well and warm!!


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