Setting up for success

This has been a weekend of getting myself set up for success.

I cleaned the living room – the whole apartment could use a huge de-clutter, but the living room needed to be cleaned the most, so it got the first love. Mo (my cat) was not thrilled with losing his boxes, but they needed to go. Luggage and packing cubes got organized and nested whenever possible. Clothes were sorted and folded or hung. Laundry got done the morning.

I confirmed when the women’s brunch at running club will be – even if I’m not running right now, the women of the club (and some of the guys too) are good friends, and I’ve missed them. The timing has been off to allow me to go to post-run bagels and make Taekwondo on time (and with Master Espino, you do NOT want to be late), and I’ve missed seeing my friends. I also found that I love the Sunday Taekwondo class. But I love church too. So I figured out a schedule that will allow me to do both. Every other weekend I’ll go to club on Saturday and TKD on Sunday, then the next weekend I’ll go to TKD on Saturday and church on Sunday. I get all the things I love in that way! I wanted to make sure my club days would include the brunch, so with that information, I took my new Yoga Kittens portable calendar and put in my schedule for the year. Obviously it will be flexible if it needs to be – like if testing is on a club Saturday, I’ll skip club that week. But it’s nice to have the skeleton down anyway.

This morning I got up early to do laundry, then fell asleep for a nap when I got home and missed church (woke up too late to make it on time, and I hate going in late), so I took the opportunity to go to Trader Joe’s and get some healthy snacks to have.

For at least the second year (possibly more… I’m not positive), I’m participating in Coach Jenny’s Challenge 2016 (well, clearly this is the first year for Challenge 2016, but I’ve done her Holiday Challenge for at least three years, and this is the year-long extension). If anyone’s looking for a great group of people from all ages and locations and abilities who are super supportive of each other, check the group out!! We are all awesome little badasses!! 🙂

Anyway, there are different challenges that will go on each month, and you figure out what works for you. In January our challenge is “Eating Well”. Rather than say “Everybody do a sugar detox” or “Everybody eat X” or “Everybody drink 1.5 liters of water a day”, Jenny is leaving the HOW of it up to each individual. Lots of people are tracking food, some are doing hydration, some are sugar detoxing and so forth.

For my challenge, I’m going for at least one meatless day per week – not vegan, I’ll go lacto-ovo veggie – usually on Monday (the whole Meatless Monday) trend. If I can do more than one day per week, bonus. I need to figure out exactly what will work for me since I’m allergic to peanuts and I can’t overdo it on the soy because it messes with my hormones. After I went to Toronto in November and had brunch with Jacq and her daughter Mia at a veggie/vegan place, I decided to try all veggie – which lasted for a week. It was painfully obvious at TKD on Saturday that I definitely needed more protein. I really would like to try to go Lacto-Ovo veggie (no pescatarian for me…I don’t do fish), but while I figure out if it’s feasible to do it and get the protein I need to support my activities I’ll introduce the concept in baby steps. And in the meantime make sure that the meat (largely chicken) I do eat will be organic, anti-biotic free, etc. I am pretty well set up for that – but decided to go and get some healthy snacks such as the pita chips and hummus snacks, individual packages of dry roasted almonds, etc. so that I have things to nibble on when needed. My one thing I wish I could find is little mini sunbutter cups (or I’d take almond butter cups) so I could have one or two per day as a treat. I used to get the box of Trader Joe’s mini peanut butter cups and do that – but I like breathing better than treats, so those are now a no-go. If anyone finds MINI sunbutter cups (or almond butter cups), please let me know!!

I’ve set my goodreads book goal at 46 for this year, and I’m building my list of books to read. In addition to being a fantastic actress and musician, Jill Hennessy has never led me wrong with recommendations, so I’ve got those on the list as well as recommendations from a few other friends, but I’m always open for more suggestions, so feel free to pass them along! I’m not overly into Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but Magical Realism can be ok in the vein. Also on the “No thanks” list are obvious romances – I don’t mind romance in a book, but if that is the primary purpose of it, not my thing. Also chick lit that focuses on shopping, etc. I like what I call intelligent chick lit like Jennifer Weiner – again, there is often romance, but it’s generally not the main intent and there are other things going on.

Went to Hot Yin at the yoga studio to wrap up vacation – that I’m going to try to make my definite class each week – the stretching is super good for me after all the stuff with Taekwondo. I love my yoga, but I’m definitely ready to get back in the dojang and on the mat tomorrow. Forms class and Basic Sparring!! Hooray!!

Of course, that means that school starts back tomorrow. Meh. But it is what it is. The sooner we start back, the sooner we get to the end of this year. I guess that means I need to go get my veggie chili ready to go for lunch tomorrow!

Make it a great week everyone!!


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