New Year, New Goals!

The day is upon us! That exciting first day of a new calendar year. We put up our new calendars and see the year stretch before us – wide open with possibilities. Hopes and dreams.

Given my reduced (to practically non-existent) thoughts and plans for running, it should probably come as no surprise that running plays no part in my goals this year – well, other than the bit that pertains to Taekwondo when we do sprints or whatever as part of our warm-up. Instead, I’ve got some bright new shiny goals for 2016.

Here they are…

1) Move up to my Red Stripe in Taekwondo (blue belt with red stripe). That is three belts up from where I am, and I think doable. I would LOVE to get to my Red Belt, but I’m only not putting that as a goal because I don’t know at which point they slow you down in the testing process. I’m pretty sure I have free say (I decide when I’m ready) up to Red Stripe, so therefore I have control (as much as one can) over that. This, of course, is barring any illness or injury that prevents me from getting to enough classes to do that. But to the degree I can control it, there you are.

2)Make sure I hit AT LEAST one yoga class per week – preferably (if only one) Hot Yin as the stretching is very good for me after all the TKD. Being back into it these past couple of weeks that the dojang has been closed has helped me remember what I love about it. I would love to hit more than one class per week, but given the focus on Taekwondo and my increased classes there, I’m not sure how realistic that is. One per week is reasonable.

3) Begin actual sparring classes – not just the basics class. This is more a second half of the year goal since I want to get the basics down first, though everyone says the best way to learn to spar is…TO SPAR. (Some of the black belts I’ve worked with are thinking up my sparring nickname already…they say everyone has to have one…) It’s scary to think about – but then so was stepping on the mat that first time. This is where injury becomes a legit possibility though. I’ve seen people hurt feet and hands – all with protection – while sparring, and those are just the kids! But, as one of my instructors told me in what was my third class where she’d had us doing non-contact sparring and my partner didn’t stop in time and my block bruised/jammed his toe, “Any time you step onto the mat, you accept that you might get hurt.” So…it’s something I’ll have to come to terms with if I want to move up in my belts and keep growing.

4) Make sure that I’m hydrating EVERY day! Not just when I take a yoga class. This one is just for health in general! It’ll also help with the calf cramps I’ve sometimes gotten in Taekwondo.

5) Have at least one meatless day per week and make sure that the meat I do consume is organic/free range/grass-fed if applicable. (Because of my peanut allergy and the way too much soy affects my hormones, I can’t get enough protein for my activity level if I go all meatless – I tried and the Saturday TKD class at the end of the week was NOT pretty…the diet was the only significant difference in the week.) The trend seems to be “Meatless Mondays” so that’s what I’m going to aim for.

6) (My almost 100% guaranteed attainable one…) Have a BLAST on the 12-night Brilliance of the Seas Mediterranean/Venice cruise I’m taking solo to celebrate my 45th birthday. It’s slightly early (I get off a week before the actual day), but the cruise is my present to myself! This is hands-down going to be the most expensive vacation I’ve ever taken – I’m treating myself to Delta One business class on my flights to and from Barcelona, I’m taking tours in Barcelona and doing an excursion in every port (Nice, Livorno (Florence), Civitavecchia (Rome), the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Ravenna, and Kotor Montenegro). But like my dad’s said when I’ve commented on how much I’m spending on myself with this vacation “You only turn 45 once!”

7) Remove toxic relationships (or at the very least those that don’t feed me) from my life. In some cases that means letting go of relationships that in spite of the best intentions of both parties won’t grow into friendships – the effort to grow something where there is nothing in which or from which to grow a friendship sometimes just isn’t worth it…and that’s not a bad thing to admit that. In other cases it will be examining relationships to see how they feed me – and how they feed the other person as well, because one-sided relationships aren’t relationships either. And in some cases it may just be letting go of relationships that just plain aren’t good for me or the other person involved. And on the flip side, deepening some relationships I’ve got now that ARE healthy and are feeding me and the other person involved. Doesn’t have to mean romantically – even deepening the friendships is a good thing! Increasing the healthy relationships can help make ridding myself of the toxic ones easier. This one’s probably the most emotionally difficult, but most emotionally healing and healthy one of all my goals.

So those are the big ones. I have other things as well – read at least 45 books, write in my sentence-a-day journal daily (as opposed to playing catch up every few days), getting halfway through my Live in Wonder prompt journal that I’ve had for a while, keeping a journal of my travels through the year, blogging more regularly in here. Those are just smaller ones.

I’ve got some cool things planned for the year – trips and so forth…

  • January 29 – I’m going to see the Indigo Girls in concert in New Jersey with Jill Hennessy opening for them!
  • April 23-27 – I’m going back to Toronto to play and explore over my Spring Break. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with friends in the area while I’m there as well.
  • June 28-July 13 – The big one! I fly to Barcelona for a couple of days and then board the Brilliance of the Seas for a 12-night Mediterranean/Venice cruise (the one mentioned above). This is going to be my primary celebration of my 45th birthday!
  • August 18-23 – Finishing off my birthday celebration summer with a trip to Disney World! I’m staying at POP Century and have put in a request for the 70s section – I mean, since I’m technically celebrating my birthday on the trip, and I was born in 1971… Cheesy? Maybe. But fun!

There is still a lot of year that’s not planned. A lot of things that hopefully will happen. Hopefully more Jill gigs to attend (possibly including Nashville, which would ROCK!), more places to explore (pondering a weekend (or even weekday) trip to the Jersey Shore since I’ve never been there…pondering a weekend trip up to Boston to explore…pondering, pondering), and more adventures I can’t even imagine!

Carpe 2016! Bring it on!


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals!

  1. You should totally come to Boston!! Lots of fun stuff to do and lots of history (if you like that :)). (And Boston is small…compared to NYC…so it’s relatively easy to do a lot in a weekend!

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