Looking back at 2015…

I know, I know. Consistency. I have it in other things…just not so much the blog. I plan to make that different in 2016, but I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s tomorrow’s post.

For today, I’m looking at the goals (I don’t do “resolutions”) I set for this year – seeing what I accomplished in the list and what I didn’t. And then what I accomplished perhaps instead.


* Be consistent with my training. Consistency will improve my performance and ultimately make training more effective as I adapt and push myself. This will be accomplished by scheduling my runs in my calendar (already done) and sticking to them.

Well… Winter happened – lots of ice and snow that led to paths that were not runnable, and that led to a flare up of plantar fascitis. So running…didn’t so much happen. I did enough to get through the Ottawa Half Marathon, and then… Well, then Taekwondo happened. THAT has been super consistent from June on. Yoga was pretty consistent through the first half of the year – less so as I got into TKD. So overall there was consistency in training of some type. Just not running. So I’ll give myself 50% for this one.

* Drop the weight to at least 180 pounds – where I was before I slacked off on my eating – with a stretch goal of 150. I’ve been to 180 (and a bit lower) and felt so much better in my skin and just overall. Not to mention the health benefits. I need to be mindful about my nutrition with more fruits and veggies…but ultimately focus on moderation rather than elimination. Elimination may come, but initially moderation will be the key. I know how I am when I totally eliminate something – its all I want. So…moderation!

The scale does not say 180 or less, so in that it’s a fail. HOWEVER, there has been a lot of change in my body thanks largely to TKD but also yoga. Especially since June I have leaned out a good deal. Clothes fit differently and things that didn’t fit earlier in the year fit now. That old muscle is denser than fat thing (note: I did NOT say it “weighs more” because a pound is a pound. It’s denser – you get more muscle than fat into the same area.). Master Lim at the dojang keeps telling me not to pay attention to the scale because I’m gaining muscle. I am trying to listen to him…but it would still be nice from a purely vanity perspective to see a lower number on the scale. Because I know that my body has re-shaped, and because I know that the numbers didn’t go as low because of muscle gain, I’m going with 50% on this one.

* Become more flexible through REGULAR yoga practice. First off, strength and flexibility will ultimately help with my running. It will also build lean muscle tissue which will help with the weight goal. And also in life outside the studio, being flexible and just open. Like last night when I didn’t think about it and just went for half moon – overthinking things gets me into quagmires and trouble. Better sometimes to just go with it. I do really like Laughing Lotus, but I want to explore Modo Yoga, so after Goofy I will be doing the one month unlimited for new peeps at Modo to see how I like that. Then I will decide which studio I want to stick with – though I am beginning to ponder the possibility of staying at both if I like Modo – that one may be my more “serious” one and LL may be my playground…but we’ll see. I may find that Modo is just as playful though differently. Or I may find that it’s not for me. Basically it’s going to be a month to explore and see what feels like the place I need to be right now.

Flexibility has improved. I did end up joining Modo, and I do love it. Taekwondo got into my life and kind of took over, so I slacked off going to yoga a lot. But I realize that I do need the stretching, so I TRY to make at least one yoga class a week. The dojang has been closed for Christmas since the class on December 20, so I’ve been hitting the yoga mat big time since then. A couple of my instructors have commented on the changes in my body and in my strength…and I do like it there. We do some flexibility work in TKD, so there’s that as well. So…this one’s tough… Because I let the yoga slide badly when I started with TKD, I’m going to give myself 80% on this one.

* Save at least $1300 through the 52-week savings plan – followed my way. It’ll help build a security cushion so that I’ve got some money in case of an emergency. I’ve changed a “reserve” account on a pre-paid card to “savings” – advantage being I can’t SEE that account when I just look at the balance because it doesn’t show up in the overall balance. I say I’m following the plan my way because I’m not necessarily doing the $1 first week, $2 second week thing. I’m starting with $52 for the first week and will fill in my chart as I can. Ultimately my aim is at least $50 per pay period, which will average out to about the same.

This is just a big 0%. I had the best of intentions, but it just didn’t happen.

Overall, it wasn’t my best year for goals, but I did make changes – just not in ways that I anticipated or even dreamed about in the beginning of the year (see also: Jacq getting me to even think about trying TKD).

Other things that I accomplished this year…

  • Completed the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World. My half marathon was not all that bad. My full? There were tears – a lot of tears. There was almost quitting. But there was stubbornness, and I stuck it out to get that medal. I guess I should also have said in terms of training that the training for Goofy really did burn me out on running, so that didn’t help with the motivation to run, even with a gym membership.
  • Took a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy over Winter Break. Visited St. Martin/St. Maarten and San Juan (met up with Ed and Kaki along with Uncle Charlie and Barbara there when their ship docked in the afternoon!) and of course Castaway Cay. LOVE Disney Cruise Line!!
  • Did the Great Alaskan Running Cruise again and had a blast – walked 99% of the events, but that’s ok. Got to visit Vancouver, which was new for me. I kind of wish I’d done an extra day there, especially since I had a red-eye back from Seattle, but I can put it on my list to visit in the future!
  • Visited Toronto for a brief weekend. Combination of things happened here – I knew I was in no way ready for Wine and Dine, AND Jill announced a gig there for the same weekend. Debated and thought, and ultimately decided to cancel Wine & Dine and just eat the plane fare cost and go up to Toronto. Fell totally in love with the city and am going back over Spring Break to explore some more!
  • Continued my reign as Princess of Mile 24 and had a great time cheering on all the participants in the NYC Marathon.
  • I have gone back to the Episcopal Church and am at a parish that I love – even if I’m not there as often as I would always like.
  • I have FINISHED reading 52 books as of this writing (I may finish 53 by midnight tomorrow – I’m close enough in the book I’m currently reading…and I do like starting the new year with a new book…)!
  • Gone to 5 solo gigs Jill has done and met some good people through that little community. Her music is sometimes the only thing that gets me through a day when things are rough.
  • I have successfully tested up to my Green Belt in Taekwondo. Started white like everyone does and have earned my Yellow Belt, my Green Stripe, and now my Green Belt. This is never something I saw myself doing, but now that I am, I cannot imaging my life without it.

So overall, 2015 has been a pretty good year. It’s had its ups and downs like always – people entering my life, people leaving my life; things entering my life, things leaving my life; etc. – but that’s part of what makes life the adventure that it is.


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