Where to go, what to do…

As always, so much to catch up on. I’ve got three weeks until school starts back, so I can work on going into details and expanding on various random thoughts between now and then. But for now, bullet points…

*Alaska was good. I did extreme detail last year, so I probably won’t go into as great of detail other than the ship and the new ports. And I’ll put some pictures up. Not nearly as many whales as last year, but I did get to watch a 2 year old male bear cub attempting (note I said ATTEMPTING) to catch salmon. Very adorable. Met some great new friends and caught up with some others from last year.

* Running and I still are not really speaking. I thought Ottawa was a turning point, but not so much. Last week I was ready to say forget Hartford – I’ll just go and spectate and cheer since the hotel and train are already paid for and non-refundable. But Jenny as always talked me down off my ledge by pointing out that a) it is hotter than heck right now and NOT the time to make any decisions for a race that’s in October, b) I can try some different intervals with less running and work on making friends with it again, and c) October is a ways away. So we shall see what happens with Hartford.

* Wine and Dine at Disney is not questionable. I know for sure I can be under the 16 minute mile requirement, and my time from Hartford that I was able to submit should get me at least one or two corrals in front of the last one, so that will give me that much more of a cushion. That trip is all about fun anyway. I’m staying at All Star Music (I’ll explain the sentimental value of that in another post), and I’ve got reservations at Via Napoli (YUM!) and for now Cape May Cafe. I’m keeping a watch for Crystal Palace or 1900 Park Fare (possibly Tusker House…or even ‘Ohana, though I’ll have to put in 2 people and then just say “Oh, one couldn’t make it.” because their system won’t accept single reservations) – I love Cape May, but since I’ll be at EPCOT for the after party as well as on Sunday, it would be nice to go to a different park on Monday (when I’ll be taking a personal business day). We shall see what happens.

* I started TaeKwonDo the first part of June and absolutely LOVE it! I’m already up to my Yellow Belt! I don’t know if I’ll be testing at the end of this month since I was out for almost two weeks with Alaska (both traveling and readjusting to being back in the eastern time zone). I know the form ok, but I don’t know if I know what else I need to. Wednesday id forms class, so I guess I can chat with whatever instructor works with the Yellows that night and see what s/he thinks. I never knew I’d love martial arts, but I really, really do.

* I’m still pondering Thailand for either February or April, but we’ll have to see what the retro amount we get in October looks like before I do anything. Because I AM doing a super fantastic cruise next summer on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas – 12 night Mediterranean/Venice cruise!! I’ll 99% for sure have to miss Alaska next year, but… This one is round trip from Barcelona and we stop at/near Nice, France; Florence; Rome; the Amalfi Coast; Venice (where we are docked overnight!!), Ravenna/Bologna – all in Italy; and Kotor, Montenegro!! I’m so pumped! I have an ocean view cabin that overlooks the bow of the ship!!!! I’ve already booked a couple of excursions and have a list of the others (as of now) I want to do. I reserve the right to change some before buying if things are added in I like better or cancel ones I have and buy others. It’s going to be a trip of a lifetime!!

So that’s what’s up in a nutshell. Hope all of you out there in readerland are doing well!


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