Some days are awesome!

I was lucky enough to get TWO of them this past week!

Thursday I got to go to a fundraiser and meet and hang with some really cool friends! It was one of those nights when you don’t want to go to sleep and have it end. Super fun!

Today I FINALLY got to see, hang with, and catch up with RJ! It’s been far too long! We met up at Ascension and went to church, then out to eat, and then we just wandered along the High Line. (Thanks to it being “Europe Day” (RJ’s term) we didn’t get to go at any kind of a super fast clip, but that was ok.)

So a couple of really good days to hang onto!!

Three weeks to Ottawa!! Well, by three weeks from now I will have finished my first international half marathon! Woohoo!! I have kind of been “promised” maple syrup at water stops via Twitter. Not totally sure if that’s serious or a joke. But I won’t complain if it is there!!

Just got done watching Katherine Brooks’ documentary “Face 2 Face” which is awesome. And weirdly fit in with my whole theme of the past couple of weeks – connecting, reconnecting…all that kind of stuff. You should check it out. šŸ™‚

Um… Yeah. That’s about it today I think. Have a good one!


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