Updates on life…

So let’s see… It’s been a while. Oops!!

* I ended up DNSing Run the Bluegrass because about 24 hours before I was to fly to Nashville my PF which I’d gotten under control flared up badly. I was so sad. Because horses! BUT it ended up being a good thing as thanks to Southwest’s fuckery I was stuck at LaGuardia for SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS and did not get to Nashville until after 2AM. (Before anyone tells me I should give Southwest another chance, this WAS their second chance. They did other elective fuckery when I was to fly back from Nashville in September resulting in 6 hours at the airport. You know the saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you.”? Well, replace “fool” with “screw” and I think that applies. I have choices in air travel. And I’m choosing to fly anything BUT Southwest ever again.) I spent the weekend with my parents, which was cool. I may consider doing it again sometime, but we’ll see.

* I’ve been gradually doing some running, but I made the decision to transfer my bib for Broad Street – they have a system where you can do that and recoup some to the full amount you paid for your bib. I could have deferred, but assuming it’s the same weekend next year I’ll have just gotten back from a cruise the day before and just NO. Haha! I will try to do it again as I do like the race.

* Modo Yoga has been going pretty well. I’ve started doing some flow classes, which are fun (and are starting to give me some shoulder definition). And it’s keeping me in cardio shape, which is cool. I love the studio and the people there so much – it’s like my home away from home!!

* Ottawa is in just under a month. Eek!! My long runs are going pretty well – which is good since those are the sum total of the running I’ve been doing. I’ve looked at the time between now and then, looked at mileage, and really considered. And… NO, I AM doing it. I’m just not going to be gunning for any PR. BUT I am going to be trying my unorthodox plan of “Long Run on Saturday and Modo (in Modo or Modo Flow form) 5-6 times a week and see what happens. Who knows…maybe I’m onto something. And if not, well, I know I can walk 13.1 in 4 hours – which is the cutoff – and I will do my ratios as long as I can, so I’m golden. And then I can ramp miles gradually over the summer and go traditional for Hartford if necessary.

* We’re in double digigt to Alaska!! Cannot wait to experience the beauty that is Alaska again. Because whales! Because bears!

* I’m doing Wine and Dine at Disney in November and am really excited about that!! BUT… I’m skipping Marathon Weekend this year. (Unless by some chance the Half doesn’t sell out before Thursday (yeah, right) and then I might get tempted.) I still love Disney…I just want to explore other things for a year. I’ll be back. Don’t worry. Who knows what I may end up doing!!

* I’ve found a new church community where I feel so spiritually at home it is amazing. I’m back in the Episcopal Church, and I love it. I like aspects of the UMC, but I love the liturgy and the tradition of the ECUSA. I love having a creed in the service and the communal nature of it – even if I’m struggling with believing an aspect of it, the community can lift me up in support. I love that it is eucharistically based. I love that Bible Study is actually dealing with the Bible (novel concept) and that we can actually use terms like eisegesis and exegesis and understand what they mean. The soul just knows when it’s home!

* I changed my scheduled 2016 Disney cruise from Winter Break on the Wonder to Spring Break on the Fantasy!! Because Passover is so late next year, our Spring Break is later than pretty much anyone else’s so the Fantasy 7-night cruise is less than $1000 more than the Wonder 40night in February. I’ll take it!! This one will hit Tortola and St. Thomas – and of course Castaway Cay!

* I’m looking at some other travel things… Probably New Orleans in September. I want to give the city another chance because the circumstances surrounding my only visit there so far were not great, and it wasn’t the city’s fault the visit was horrid. I may find that it’s still not a favorite place when I go, and that’s ok – but it won’t be because of other influences. Or I may find that I love it. Winter Break…I’m toying with the idea of going to Thailand. It would be really short for going that far, but I only have a week…unless I waited to go in the summer, but I’m afraid it would be wicked hot then. And then there’s the fact that 2016 will be a big birthday year!! So I’ll do something special over the summer – I’m kind of leaning towards a back-to-back 4-night and 3-night on the Dream – I know Disney, they are adding some things to the Dream, I can most likely get the same cabin so I wouldn’t have to pack up between cruises, and I’d be on Castaway on my birthday!! But I’m kicking around a couple of other ideas as well, so we’ll see.

So…I think that’s about it for now. I promise I will try to be better. Let’s set a goal of at least one entry per week. 🙂 Baby steps!


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