Super Excited!!!!

I am so psyched to announce to all of you loyal (and new and/or random) readers that I am now an ambassador for Skirt Sports ~ an awesome woman-owned company that makes running (and other sports) skirts, capris, tops, and even sports bras for all women!

I have loved their products for a while, and I’m so honored to get the opportunity to be an ambassador for them! Expect pics and write-ups of my gear and races (or training runs) I run in it!

I’d hoped to be able to start with Run the Bluegrass, but sadly my PF flared again the day before I was to fly down to Nashville, so I regretfully had to DNS the race. It made me very sad, but I know in my head that it was for the best – I have the Ottawa Half and a second round of the Great Alaskan Running Cruise coming up, so…

Anyway, the coolest thing about being an ambassador is that I get to give you – YES YOU! – a code good for 20% off products on their website! Here you go:


In addition to their super cool clothing, Skirt Sports also does some virtual runs throughout the year – the 261 Virtual Run, the Skirt Sports 13er/5K/10K which can be run locally if you’re in the Louisville, CO area or virtually if you’re not, and the Skirt Sports Birthday Boobie Run. And that code above? Can be used for those as well!

Trust me – these races have some super cool swag! Even the virtual ones include a gift certificate – amount varies with registration level selected!

Here are the deets!

April 18-20 ~ 261 Virtual Run
In honor of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, all runners are asked to run any distance between 2.61 miles and 26.1 miles (and intervals thereof such as 5.22, 7.83, 10.44, etc.) any time between April 18th and 20th. Each registered runner will receive a race bib, finisher’s tank, gift certificate, and sponsor swag. Registration options are here.

June 14 ~ Skirt Sports 13er/5K/10K
It’s a 13.1 distance renamed because it’s not half of anything! There is a race in Louisville, CO with tons of cool stuff like an after party with cakes and other fun foods! Again, super cool swag! This one includes a skirt (and gift certificate)!! Details here.

September 12 ~ Skirt Sports Birthday Boobie Run
It’s Skirt Sports’ 11th birthday, and they’re celebrating by taking care of the girls! A virtual run of 8K or 8 miles to support fitness and breast health! Again, super cool swag and a gift certificate! Details here.

As a note… They do offer a bundle of all three virtual races with a 15% discount – BUT if you register for them separately, you can use the code above and get 20% off. You MUST register for them separately though – you can’t stack the discounts.

So! Pretty cool, huh? If you have any questions, let me know! Please use the code! Try out the skirts and other clothes! They are AWESOME and not just for running!!


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