Feeling on top of the world! And other adventures!

Confession time…

Prior to this week, I had run exactly ZERO steps since Goofy. I wish I was kidding. But by the time my recovery week was over, we were getting into this pattern of bitter cold and snow that just wouldn’t quit.

Since I was giving Modo Yoga NYC a try with its unlimited intro month package – heck, trying? I was going every day – I was getting exercise and could tell that I was getting at least some cardio out of it. Hot yoga will do that to you. And I decided quickly that I was going to stick with that, so I cancelled my membership at NYSC because I couldn’t see paying what I was there for “occasionally” using the treadmill.

If only I’d known what a bad decision that was. Between the bitter temps and the near-constant covering of ice and/or snow, I was not able to do any running.

Modo was still pretty much every day. I’m even in their Energy Exchange program now – work one shift a week cleaning the studio and locker rooms, doing laundry, etc. and get unlimited yoga! SWEET!!!! But no running.

Also, the pretty constant walking on uneven ground, my PF began flaring. Owie!

And then I looked at the calendar and it sunk in that I was less than a month from Run the Bluegrass. EEK!!

So I did two things…
1) I found a sports med doctor on ZocDoc to get my foot checked out and make sure it was *just* PF.
It is. I had to do x-rays and stuff, and the heel spur told him that PF was exactly what the issue was. We went over what I’m doing (pretty much everything I can on my own) and discussed an immediate option of a steroid shot to “calm things down” and help what I’m doing work even better as well as some things we can look at further down the road if this doesn’t help. I opted to go with the shot all things considered.

2) I sucked it up and rejoined Planet Fitness.
If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you probably remember our “break-up” of a few years ago. Well…given that I need to get running in and I wasn’t sure when we would see the end of this crazy weather, I decided to just forget that. I can justify $10/month for a treadmill; I can’t justify $69/month.

Monday I went and ran 3 miles before school. Did 2/1 intervals and kept the run at 4.8 mph. And clearly I’ve been getting good cardio in at Modo because I didn’t have to drop to a walk during any run interval! Today I did 5 miles – most at 1:30/1:30 because I knew I was going to go longer. I did 5 with the run intervals at 4.7 and the good news is I felt like I could have kept going. I didn’t because I didn’t want to push anything too hard.

But I’m definitely feeling like Run the Bluegrass is doable now. I started the week thinking I might end up DNSing it – hey, I’d get to see my parents regardless. But now I feel like I can do it. It won’t be a PR race by any means, but I think I can finish upright. Hooray!!

I followed up the 5 with a 75 minute Modo class and feel absolutely amazing. Extra hooray!!

In other adventures, my Disney Fantasy cruise over Winter break was awesome!!! The photo album is here. Cannot wait until next year – I’m going to try a Classic ship…the Wonder!!

And last night was our FRNY social. This time we went to Henrietta Hudson. Once I found it – after wandering all around the Village (I get so confused wandering there!!!) – it was great to catch up with people! I get so torn what to do about yoga and running club! I like being able to go to club meetings on Saturdays, but I LOVE class with Zoe and she typically teaches at the same time! (She does an earlier one also…but then we’re into when do I run…though as weather warms up, that may be easier to fit all together. I did have a duh moment that made me laugh though. I’d been to hot yin class at 4:30, so I pretty much had yoga brain (which didn’t help me trying to figure out where I was in the Village). We were pretty much in the back room, and I spent about 45 minutes looking over at the back bar and the top section of the wall which had these lighted shapes in it trying to figure out why it seemed so familiar. Yes, we’d been there before with FRNY, but we were in the front room. And I haven’t gone on my own before. And then it hit me. “Chutney Popcorn”!! Only like my favorite movie! There is a little tiny flashback scene in it and it’s in front of the back bar. LOL.

So… That pretty much brings you up to date with my life. Still no real decision about church yet. I just know that if I’m going to go, I need to be fed spiritually and strengthened to go into the world – NOT feel like I’m at a political rally. Yes, there’s a place for churches to take a stand on issues…but I believe the worship service should be a time of spiritual strengthening to go forth into the world and make those stands. So…I don’t know. That’s still under construction.

But the rest of my life feels pretty on track.


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