Welcome 2015!! Let’s do this!!

I opted to spend New Year’s Eve at Laughing Lotus, getting my zen on. It was AWESOME! We started with pretty much a dance party, then Victor led us through three mudras (yoga hand positions) – sadly when I google “yoga hand positions” or “mudras” I only get single hand positions. But one was to set our intention for being there – mine was to center and ground myself. The second was for what we want to let go of – for me my self-doubt. And the third was what we want to grow in ourselves in 2015 – following up on my “let go of” mine is self-confidence. And then we went into the practice. It was awesome!!! He kept saying that the only requirement was to breathe, but it was so fun and playful, I tried pretty much everything.

Well, I did squats/goddess rather than crow…but given how I pretty much nailed half moon just by playing and not thinking about it that hard, maybe I should have tried crow. But..no regrets!

It was a great way to bring in the new year!!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (inconsistent as it’s been this past year), you know that I don’t really do “resolutions” but I do set goals. Yesterday I got my training journal from Believe I Am and got it all set up. So…here are my goals as I put in there (because they don’t all have to do with training).

* Be consistent with my training. Consistency will improve my performance and ultimately make training more effective as I adapt and push myself. This will be accomplished by scheduling my runs in my calendar (already done) and sticking to them.

* Drop the weight to at least 180 pounds – where I was before I slacked off on my eating – with a stretch goal of 150. I’ve been to 180 (and a bit lower) and felt so much better in my skin and just overall. Not to mention the health benefits. I need to be mindful about my nutrition with more fruits and veggies…but ultimately focus on moderation rather than elimination. Elimination may come, but initially moderation will be the key. I know how I am when I totally eliminate something – its all I want. So…moderation!

* Become more flexible through REGULAR yoga practice. First off, strength and flexibility will ultimately help with my running. It will also build lean muscle tissue which will help with the weight goal. And also in life outside the studio, being flexible and just open. Like last night when I didn’t think about it and just went for half moon – overthinking things gets me into quagmires and trouble. Better sometimes to just go with it. I do really like Laughing Lotus, but I want to explore Modo Yoga, so after Goofy I will be doing the one month unlimited for new peeps at Modo to see how I like that. Then I will decide which studio I want to stick with – though I am beginning to ponder the possibility of staying at both if I like Modo – that one may be my more “serious” one and LL may be my playground…but we’ll see. I may find that Modo is just as playful though differently. Or I may find that it’s not for me. Basically it’s going to be a month to explore and see what feels like the place I need to be right now.

* Save at least $1300 through the 52-week savings plan – followed my way. It’ll help build a security cushion so that I’ve got some money in case of an emergency. I’ve changed a “reserve” account on a pre-paid card to “savings” – advantage being I can’t SEE that account when I just look at the balance because it doesn’t show up in the overall balance. I say I’m following the plan my way because I’m not necessarily doing the $1 first week, $2 second week thing. I’m starting with $52 for the first week and will fill in my chart as I can. Ultimately my aim is at least $50 per pay period, which will average out to about the same.

So there you are! My goals for the year!!

Ok, yes. I joined match.com to give that a whirl. But I’m not setting “find a relationship” as a goal because I don’t think relationships should adhere to timelines and such. Would I like to? Sure. So I’m putting myself out there and we’ll see what happens.

And now…for my race plans for the year! 🙂

First off, I am hereby stating that the 2015 Walt Disney World Full Marathon (as part of the Goofy Challenge) will be my last full marathon. I feel just as accomplished when I run a half marathon, and I don’t have the uber-long hours of training (HUGE difference time-wise between a 10-mile training run and a 20-mile training run). Plus I feel like it will help with the nutrition and weight goal as I don’t feel the need to oh, eat a small child or its equivalent afterwards). The 2015 WDW full will be my 5th full, and I feel ok ending my “full career” on that number.

Sticking to my “quality and not quantity” from last year, I don’t have a ton of races scheduled. Here’s the line-up as it stands now.

1/10-11 ~ Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge (half on the 10th and full on the 11th)
3/28 ~ Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon
5/24 ~ Scotiabank Ottawa Half Marathon
7/31-8/7 ~ 2015 Great Alaskan Running Cruise – wherein I WILL attempt the half in Juneau this time.
10/10 ~ NU Hartford Half Marathon

I definitely plan to enter the lottery for the Broad Street Run (first weekend in May), and at this point I’m planning to do the Wine & Dine Half. But that’s it. 🙂

Other random stuff with no real number attached…

* Keep reading. I managed 42 books in 2014…let’s push for more in 2015! Here’s the list of my on-deck books.
The Paying Guests ~ Sarah Waters (already started this one on the way home from yoga in the wee hours)
The Luminaries ~ Eleanor Catton
(first two based on Jill Hennessy’s recommendations!)
I Am Malala ~ Malala Yousafzai
All The Light We Cannot See ~ Anthony Doerr
First Frost ~ Sarah Addison Allen
Girl Before A Mirror ~ Liza Palmer
More will be added I know!! I ❤ books!!

* Keep writing. My "Crossing Jordan" fanfic novel turned out great and really got the creative juices flowing again, so I'm super pumped to get to my own ideas – some springing from general ideas from this year's NaNo project (the fanfic novel) and some just general ideas. Let's just say my notebook is filling up and I need to filter!! 🙂 Yay!!

In terms of travel, I'm doing a 7-night cruise on the Disney Fantasy in February!! Super excited to visit St. Maarten where I'm doing a day-long excursion on a boat circumnavigating the island with stops for swimming, snorkeling, and food plus seeing the sights! San Juan should be…interesting. I'm still iffy on the port itself, but I'm going to do a hiking excursion in the El Yunque Rainforest so that should be fun. The summer will bring me back to another adventure with the Great Alaskan Running Cruise – this time going from Anchorage to Vancouver! Already planned and booked is a zip-lining adventure in Icy Straight Point and a flightseeing/bear watching adventure in Ketchikan! I'll spend a day and night in Vancouver after the cruise, then take the train down the coast to Seattle and spend about a day and a half there before catching a red-eye back to NYC. Cannot wait!!! 🙂

So…that's it! Goals and plans for the year!!

Bring it 2015! I'm ready!!


2 thoughts on “Welcome 2015!! Let’s do this!!

  1. Love these! I also plan on focusing on my nutrition more as I’ve really gotten off track with that. I’m also planning on entering the lottery for Broad Street. I’ve never done that so I hope I get in.

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