So that’s what holidays are supposed to be like!

I know, I know. It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post. But yes, I do breathe and live! After three holiday seasons spent in retail hell thanks to a part-time job (no requests off from November 1-January 1, so don’t even think you’re going to get to go and visit family), I was able to go home this year having quit said retail job in May to have, you know, a LIFE! It was great to be home and able to spend time with my parents. And I’ve got a week of time off from school, so I can relax and recharge! Woohoo!

Tis the season for looking back at the year, so… Might as well jump on that bandwagon.

In 2014 I…
* finished my 4th full marathon at Walt Disney World and in spite of less than stellar training (see said retail job above) I didn’t die or feel too much pain
* had a great Winter Break 4-night cruise on the Disney Dream
* as I mentioned above, I quit the retail job after finally realizing I was sacrificing having a life for what amounted to not that much extra spending money but more taxes due and a lot more stress and lack of rest, training time, time to hang with friends, and time to engage my creative side
* got mugged in July and luckily only lost my phone and got a little bruised…it could have been much worse
* traveled to Seattle and Alaska on the Great Alaskan Running Cruise sailing on Holland America’s ms Westerdam – I saw whales, bears, sea otters, and bald eagles; met some great people (and a couple I’d rather not interact with again based on the conversation they had at dinner the last night we were all officially in the dining room that almost made me leave without eating anything); ran in a beautiful part of the country…and am going to do it all over again in 2015!!
* maintained my status of the Princess of the Mile 24 Cheer Squad for the NYC Marathon, staying there from set-up until the vehicle proclaiming the end of support – and was thrilled to be able to give support and hugs to Fran, Jason, Erica, DeeDee, and Rhode Hazard (if I forgot you, I’m sorry!!)…I love being there and seeing the gamut of emotions you see at that point in the race

In quitting the retail job, I had “extra” time I hadn’t had for a while and with that time I…
* finished reading 42 books
* won National Novel Writing Month by finishing a novel of at least 50,000 words…ok, so I did fanfiction this year (“Crossing Jordan” – I both love and am terrified when I let Jordan loose in my brain…the words just pop) to get back into writing after having almost three years of having no extra time to do anything creative
* gotten back into yoga and LOVE it…I’m going through Goofy at one studio, and I may end up back at it, but I will be checking out a non-Bikram hot yoga studio for at least a month after Goofy just to see which I like better…super excited about doing that
* have trained for the 2015 Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge…it’s been a challenge at times, the back to back runs weren’t always fun, and I might not have hit the exact mileage I wanted to, but I know I’m more trained than I was last year and I feel confident going into it

So…that’s a brief look back at 2014. Tomorrow (or maybe I’ll wait until the 1st just to be all traditional about it…we’ll see) I’ll post my goals and plans for 2015. Hey, if you’ve read this for a while you know I don’t do “resolutions” but rather I set goals and plans. 🙂


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