Getting personal…

I know it’s the season where there is a lot of fundraising going on. Everything from fall marathon fund-raising teams to the ice bucket challenge. But…

This spring, things got personal for me. My dad went for a physical where his doctor felt something and sent him to a urologist for a biopsy. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

His oncologist assures us all that a) it is small; b) it is slow-growing; and c) it is contained. Daddy has opted for prostate removal surgery, which will happen next week.

When you hear “the C-word” in the context of someone you love, it’s scary. It’s personal. And it’s easy to feel helpless. I’m in NYC. He’s in Nashville. I don’t have a ton of disposable income. What can I do besides pray?

Well, I did some investigation and found out about Athletes for a Cure, which raises money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. They have teams at some events, but they also give you the opportunity to raise money for them “on your own”, and that’s what I’ve elected to do through my 2 fall races and up to the Goofy Challenge.

If you can donate, I’d really appreciate it. If you can’t, prayers (or good thoughts) are definitely appreciated! My fundraising page is here.

Thanks a million!!!


2 thoughts on “Getting personal…

  1. Best of luck to you.I will be able to donate in October. I will read your entire Alaska cruise report soon-looking forward to it!

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