Great Alaskan Running Cruise 2014 ~ Post-Cruise in Seattle

Woke up early (though not quite Disney early) and went to get breakfast and settle my account before gathering my stuff and heading to the meeting point for my Seattle “excursion”. (Special note: when you’ve got a cash account and settle it, make sure they click the “settled” button and don’t just balance it out to zero (either by taking money or giving you money! I got to scan off the ship with others on the excursion and got sent back to the front desk to settle my account!) I was still going to be spending a lot of time at Seattle-Tacoma International as the information online NEVER said there was a time limit on the shuttle back to the airport, and the latest option was 4:00 (I had a red-eye at 9:20). I didn’t figure out that while you could take a shuttle or cab on your own to get there, the luggage had to be picked up at the time the 4:00 shuttle got to the airport until it was too late to do luggage direct (they check your luggage in for you and get it to the airport and checked in), so… Blergh. Oh well. I was going to enjoy Seattle!

We met up with our trolley – a special charter through Emerald City Trolleys – and headed out. (This is not the one we were on, but it’s exactly like it.

We did a little of the locks and overlook – namely the overlook

and an entire loop of the city tour. We then had bracelets to allow us access to the system for the full day. I should have stayed on and done the locks and overlook – I could have seen the Wizard from “Deadliest Catch”! – but I knew I wanted to see Pike Place Market and the original Starbucks and wasn’t sure how long that would take with crowds and stuff. So I hopped to the loop trolley.

I decided to hop off at the aquarium and do that…

Then I headed to Pike Place Market…

And being a Starbucks lover and former barista, of COURSE I had to hit the original (I know…not truly, but close enough)

(yes, the sign placement cracks me up)

I also visited the Gum Wall. Which…ew. And why?

I visited Ivar’s for lunch – CHICKEN FINGERS!!!!!! 🙂 (I know…I should have attempted clams again. Oh well.)

this sign made me laugh

And fed fries to seagulls.

I had a good bit of time to kill (was really wishing I’d done the locks and overlook tour at this point), so I did a harbor cruise. Because I hadn’t been on a ship for a few hours, so why not? HAHA! Then I headed up to the Shearton to catch the shuttle and spent a few hours at SEA-TAC before my flight. They passed fairly quickly – more quickly than I’d anticipated. And then it was a red-eye flight home.

It was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to do it all again – but slightly different – next year!!


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