Great Alaskan Running Cruise 2014 ~ Day 7, Closing Ceremony and Victoria

Most of this day was spent on the ship. Due to a conflict with scheduling, the strength and flexibility session got cancelled, so there was more time to wander around. 🙂

Twin smokestacks.

Pretty water, land in the distance, and sky.

Got my certificate for the Polar Plunge! Haha!!

I had a bamboo massage, which was nice…but I’ll try something else another time.

Mainly just nibbled for lunch as I wasn’t overly hungry (this would prove to be a mistake on my part…I’ll explain later). But found this cute little display of food art…

Then it was time for closing ceremonies – also known as Awards and Coach Jenny’s World Famous Slide Show.

PorklesBacon and Dude were front and center.

John spoke

He presented Judy with her medal since she hadn’t been with us for the races after her fall and fracture. Then he presented awards for overall winners – I know Dawn won the female overall…I’m blanking on who won the male overall. SORRY!!!!! – and then the four special awards “Perspiration” ~ Steve; “Inspiration” ~ Linda; “Dedication” ~ Dee Dee; and “Celebration” ~ Valerie, Nancy, Marjory, Libby, John and Cooper (that one had us ALL in tears for the reason – not mine to tell).

And then it was time for “Coach Jenny’s World Famous Slide Show”!!!

Well, after a technical glitch. It was great! Funniest was a picture of all of us at stretch class with the word “WHALE!” written on it followed by a picture of the backsides of all of us at the rail followed by a picture of the one guy (sorry, another blank) who stayed put due to an injury (I think) sitting on his towel among a sea of empty towels with the words “Hey! Where’d everybody go?” on it. HAHA!!!!

Then a couple of pictures with some friends…

Annie! My supporter at my finish in Ketchikan!! 🙂 We also talked TNR (trap-neuter-release) the previous night, so a fellow cat lover also! 🙂

With Jenny and John. Love them!!!!

Then some headed to dinner, some headed to get ready to go into Victoria. I wandered the ship to see the sights as we pulled in…

And discovered a stow-away!! Ha!

When we were docked, I headed into Victoria with the intention of getting some chicken fingers and fries at Barb’s on Fisherman’s Wharf. Sadly, they were our of chicken. 😦 And after wandering for a while, I really didn’t find anything else I wanted to eat (I was tired and on the verge of grumpy – still smarting from the one uncomfortable table I’d had the night before…as other than one guy at dinner the night before, I hadn’t really interacted with any of them at all, and they had no way of knowing what they said hurt, and I didn’t think I could address it without crying, so I just stayed quiet for the rest of the meal – so I just stayed to myself. Kinda regret that now, but it is what it is.) so I headed back to the ship and ordered room service, which was ok, but nothing special. Still, I got some pretty shots in Victoria – I especially loved Fisherman’s Wharf and the floating houses.

So Victoria, I will come back and give you a second chance! It’s not your fault I was tired and sad that the vacation was ending! 🙂 No hard feelings, ok??

I’ll post my last day in Seattle tomorrow – just keeping with one day equals one day. But this pretty much ends the Great Alaskan Running Cruise 2014. :*(

Overall, I had a blast!! I met some awesome people. I saw absolutely breathtaking scenery and wildlife. I had a blast running on trails. I have stuff left to do…like that half in Juneau!! But it was honestly one of the best vacations of my life!!

And I can’t wait to do it next year!! If you’re interested in joining me (or at least learning more about it), the website is here.

To make it easy for you to see all my entries about it, here is a list with links…
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Day 3 Whale Watching
Day 4
Day 5 Race
Day 5 4×4 Excursion
Day 6

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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