Great Alaskan Running Cruise 2014 – Pre-Cruise in Seattle!

Yep! Finally getting around to blogging things! 🙂 Enjoy!!

So July 24, I had an early wake-up call to catch the car service to the airport and head to Seattle!! Super excited, I hardly slept and was up even before the driver called to confirm my cross streets. He got there shortly after, and since I was already packed and set, we headed to JFK. A couple of hours later, I was boarding my flight to Seattle!!

When I landed, I got my bag and called Terri and Sarah, who were picking me up and escorting me around for the day. It was awesome to meet them!!

First we headed to the Hampton Inn Seattle/Southcenter where happily my room was ready.

Then we headed out to the Museum of Flight! Lots of cool stuff to see there (an old Air Force One – the bathrooms in that one look just like the ones in the planes us commoners take!; the Concorde was cool also – VERY small inside…so much we commented “No wonder it had to fly so fast! It was tiny!”), but the coolest of all was a display featuring someone near and dear to all three of our hearts…

Yep! Uncle Walt! 🙂

After that, we went to Target where I got some diet Coke to take on board (help cut down on expenses since unlike DCL you have to pay for soda on HAL) and also a bottle of wine (forgot to bring to buy an opener, so I learned some hacks…the only one that worked for me was just pushing the cork into the bottle – messy, but it worked), then Terri and Sarah took me back to the hotel so I could chill. I ended up walking down the street to Wendy’s (yum french fries and frosty!!) and then just hanging in the room and relaxing.

The next day, Terri and family picked me up and we headed into Seattle for our tour on Ride the Ducks of Seattle!!!

This was an absolute BLAST!!! I had the best time on it!! Our captain was awesome!!

(Say it out loud… No it’s NOT Philip…)

We rode all around Pioneer Square, the Waterfront, etc. all the while learning about Seattle and its history. We also celebrated Captain Phlip’s Norwegian heritage

by saying “Uuf-ta!” every time we passed a Starbucks. As you can imagine, in Seattle, we were saying “Uuf-ta” a LOT.

Then we headed to Fremont and onto Lake Union. If you didn’t know, the Ducks are repurposed military vehicles that go from land to water and back again. We got to see cool things like the Gasworks

Flightseeing planes taking off…

And the coolest of all (IMHO, of course), the house from Sleepless in Seattle!!

If only I had about 3 million dollars it could be mine!!

Then it was back on land and to Duck headquarters. On the way, we were passed a prop bag containing plastic bones, swords, a plunger, and a rubber chicken. Then we practiced our entrance to the lot – waving our props in the air and singing along with the intro to “Hooked on a Feeling”. Yes, the Ooga Chaka part. Sooooo much fun!!

Sarah had to get to her volunteer gig at PetSmart, so she and her dad went back to Tukwila while Terri and I headed to the Experience Music Project (EMP).

Interesting place! There is a horror section which contains various props such as the axe from The Shining

A fantasy section (my favorite) which contained some things from The Wizard of Oz

and The Princess Bride among other things

A Sci-fi section with things from Star Trek

Star Wars

and Dr. Who among other things

Then onto the music area which you enter through Sky Church

Things here centered around the Seattle music scene such as Jimi Hendrix

and Nirvana

There was also a huge, cool guitar tree

After that, we went and visited Sarah, then walked around Southcenter Mall (where I found a really cool t-shirt and a Baby Sven at the Disney Store), and then had dinner with the family before going back to the Hampton Inn to try and sleep to get ready for the cruise!!!

All in all, I totally love Seattle!!!


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