Goofy Training starts TODAY!!

Gotta love a plan that starts with a rest day! Haha!! 🙂

But with back-to-backs on Saturday and Sunday, Monday will be a rest day, so… Huzzah!!

I’ll post more about the cruise in detail soon (amazing!!! cannot wait until next year!!!) – still sorting pictures and thoughts and stuff. I was able to sit down with Coach Jenny and get things hammered out, which is why I’m kicking off the training today so I can get my body used to it a little earlier. I’ll build to like 4 and 7 and hang with that until the scheduled plan catches up and go from there. The plan is rest on Monday, 40-45 minutes running (and we know I mean run/walk intervals when I say that) on Tuesday and Thursday for muscle memory (and strides on one of those at least so I can keep finishing like I did in Ketchikan!!), XT which will be some form of strength training a la BodyPump or similar on Wednesday and Friday, and LSDs on Saturday and Sunday. Whee!!

I’ll also be working on nutrition and such during the plan so… Icky as they are, I’m going to post my numbers so I can track them during training. So as of today, the numbers are…

weight: 195.5
body fat %: 36.3
BMI: 31.4
waist: 37.5″
hips: 42″
bust: 41.5″
arms: 14.5″
thighs: 24″

Yes, I’m definitely hoping those decrease!! But gotta keep it honest!! (I’m also expecting that the first week may show a bigger drop as I am only my second day off vacation, so… We shall see.)

Let’s do this thing!!!!


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