Stepping back out, moving forward

It’s been five days since the mugging, and gradually things are settling down.

I still have moments when I try to think what I could have done differently (answer, not much because in actuality if I’d listened to my gut and headed home things really could have been worse), when I hesitate before leaving, when I see it happen again in my mind. But slowly those are getting further between happenings.

Monday I headed into Manhattan to run along the Hudson – it doesn’t start from my apartment and there are almost always people there, at least when it’s 7am or later. The run itself went well. I remained hyper aware of my surroundings, which I’m sure I will be on even extra heightened alert (think Code Red or the upper end of Code Orange for airport security) for a while. I was also hyper aware of how many people had phones visible – either on their arms or even holding them in their hands. Two in particular made me want to scream at them “PUT IT AWAY” – one was texting with her phone held out in front of her with one hand and one was actually taking a selfie while running.

Tuesday I went to BodyPump at my gym. I really love that cross training. I also got my hair cut that afternoon by at least 4 inches. Much needed before vacation for sure! 🙂

Yesterday was spent hanging at home waiting for my replacement phone to be delivered. While I was hanging at home I binge-watched “Scandal” (about halfway through Season three at this point) and started packing for Alaska, trying to remember what was on my lists which was on my Clear app on the stolen phone. Shortly after 4, I got the knock on the window and the new phone, which I have named Kenai, was here!!! With the help of Sprint online chat, I was able to get it all activated and stuff on my own – no trip to the store!! Then I learned the beauty of iCloud – I was able to restore the phone to the latest backup to iCloud, and EVERYTHING is there!! My pictures, my apps with the games being at the levels and so forth they were on when I was mugged, and even my packing lists for Alaska!!!!! Huzzah!!!

Because the phone came so late and it was looking stormy, I made the decision to have today be a double workout day – running in the morning and yoga at night. I got up and ate a Honey Stinger waffle and got dressed and all set. And then I looked at the clock and saw that it was right about 7am. Which is the same time I left the house on Saturday. I’m getting better, but…I opted to putter around for a few more minutes primarily just so I wasn’t leaving at the same time, but also I know that because the schools provide breakfast and lunch for children under 18, the corners have crossing guards…so while they may not have the weapons, at least there is a police presence there, and one of those corners helps me get to the subway. So… I was able to get out and had a good run in Prospect Park, which felt good.

It’s baby steps, but I’m getting there.

And two weeks from now, I will be in Seattle for a couple of days and then the Great Alaskan Running Cruise! 🙂


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