Checking in!

So let’s see… Lots has happened lately…

The first weekend in May, I ran the (possibly final) runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge and had a blast doing it! Just lots of fun all around. A couple of pictures…

Everyone else was just posing with the sign and a smile. I decided to get creative and the photographers loved it.

With Donald!

Obstacle 2 – the tires. I pretty much walked them because it was wet and slippy.

With my medal, which is also a compass.

Soooo glad I did it. I needed a nice, relaxed, magical weekend.

Especially because work at the store was…let’s just say things like our schedules, etc. weren’t improving. In fact, the Monday before Everest, I’d turned in my 2-weeks notice. That would get me through the race weekend so I would still have my discount on the room, but give me light at the end of the tunnel. I did and do really like most of the people there, but basically I needed my life back. I needed to be able to do things spontaneously. I need to be able to hang with and be there for my friends when things happen. And going into Goofy training, I need sleep and not have to be working until 10, getting home at 11 or later, and having to be up at 4:30 to train. My last day was last Saturday, and this week has been so relaxing not really having to do anything.

Well, beyond a follow-up doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. All things are good – BP was lower, labs were all excellent, and I was down 6 pounds from the last visit! Amazing what just having an end-point in site, a wonderful weekend, and time to chill and train will do!!

Speaking of training… I’ve discovered BodyPump! Well, I first heard about it on an old podcast I listened to, but now my gym finally has it. I’ve been to 2 classes, and conveniently they are on my XT days – Tuesday and Thursday. Yes, I had DOMS, but I really do like the classes. Hooray!!!

And Alaska is creeping closer and closer!!! So excited!! I’ve decided to go with the half marathon distance for the overall cruise. Basically because I am not going to Alaska and not seeing whales if I can help it (and yes, this could be genetically possible (right Andrea?), so I’m going to improve my chances!!). I don’t trust myself to get a trail half marathon done in time to comfortably make any of the evening whale watching excursions, so I’m going for the shorter distance. I’ve about got all my excursions booked and settled. So here they are…

Juneau – Discover Alaska’s Whales, which is an excursion where we will work with a NOAA-affiliated facility to take plankton samples, listen for whales, and record flukes. They are so confident that we WILL see at least one whale they will pay us $100 each as we leave the boat if we don’t. Getting to kind of play at being a marine biologist AND most likely see whales? Yes please!!
Sitka – Grizzly Meadows 4×4 Adventure. Yep. I’m going four-wheeling!! No animal sighting (like bears) guarantee, but the possibility exists. And even if we don’t see any, the scenery will be glorious!!

I’m also treating myself to a 50 minute bamboo massage the morning we are sailing to Victoria, BC, Canada!!

I’m undecided on an excursion for Victoria. I know the gardens are gorgeous, but that will take most all the time we’re in port, and I am kind of inclined to just wander, maybe pub crawl. So at this point I’m leaving it that I’ll hold off until the cruise starts, and if the gardens tour is still available, it’ll be a sign I’m supposed to go. If not, I’ll just wander. Of course, that may change, but we’ll see.

So… That’s about it. Now I need to go and get ready to meet S and D for dinner! Huzzah!!


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