The 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon (finally)

Sorry this has taken a while – life and all that.

BUT I have a free evening having just met with the cat sitter for my little Mo while I’m gone for the cruise (and assuming it goes well and she’s available, I’ll use her for the Alaska cruise as well), so I’m going to get it done NOW. ๐Ÿ™‚

This year I went with the “take Friday and Monday as personal days” option, so I was in the car service car by 3:15 and heading to JFK. I needed to check a bag (not my running stuff – I know better than that) and went to the kiosk where it said something like “I’m sorry, but I can’t complete your check-in here. Please see an agent,” and looked over to see a LONG line. The lady who was sort of monitoring the line asked if I needed help and I explained that I had a boarding pass on my phone app but it was giving me problems and she rather brusquely directed me to the same place I would have gone had the kiosk worked. The agent there was very nice and assured me that I was checked in, then put a tag on my bag and I was on my way. It seemed a good sign when I found a bottle of diet Coke in the grab and go area of the T5 food court as usually it’s ALL Pepsi crap.

The flight was pretty smooth, and it wasn’t long until I was on the Magical Express and heading “home”.

Got to Caribbean Beach Resort and headed into the online check-in area. Got up to my window and was informed I’d been “upgraded” to a Pirate Room. Not really my idea of an upgrade, so I asked if I could be “downgraded” to what I’d reserved. That worked out, and I like to think that some unsuspecting family with kids who would flip for a Pirate Room got a little pixie dust sprinkled on their vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚

Had some lunch, then headed to the expo to get my stuff. Quickest trip through a Disney expo EVER – got my race swag and a few things in the runDisney area and headed out. Only to text with Seth and end up meeting up with him, Matt, Chelsea, and Misty for a few minutes. Went back to the resort to drop stuff off and then headed to Magic Kingdom.

Wrapped up the night with Wishes! though was sad because no Main Street Electrical Parade. But Wishes! was all good!

Woke up Disney early to go and cheer on the half runners (ended up meeting up with Seth, who was cheering on Matt, Chelsea and Misty, so that was cool!).

After cheering, I went back to CBR for breakfast, then headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a day of fun. I even rode Dinosaur!

That is NOT my favorite ride. I had to take a picture of that snap as I have NEVER had my eyes open let alone my head up at that point. I hate that stupid carnotaurus. But the day was fun. Went to Downtown Disney for my “traditional” sundae, wandered through the World of Disney a little, then headed back to the resort for dinner and bed.

All too soon it was Disney early again, and I was up and dressed and ready to go.

Seeing how I was essentially soloing it this time (Andrea’s on the Dream; Mom and Daddy are in Tennessee), I took a pic of my room number in case I couldn’t remember it later. (Hey, you hear enough stories about people losing the garage where they parked before a race and you learn to do these things.)

Now, let’s not fool anyone here. I was under no delusions that this was going to be a PR run. I was undertrained. I knew I was undertrained. It was my fault and I was owning it. But I hoped I could just hold on and finish sub-7. Trying to stay positive…

I decided to push to the castle (I felt confident I could push at least to there), then decide.

No clue who the guy in the green is…his epxression’s pretty funny though. Ha!

At the castle, I decided “Ok, keep up the intervals while you can, but have fun. Stop for pictures! Ride Everest! FUN!” So…

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider



Who let the dogs out??


I was really surprised no Frozen characters were on the course, but the sign would do.

Headed through Wide World of Sports and headed for Studios and chocolate!! Somewhere along that road, when I was really on the verge of just stopping, there was a speaker set up and apparently it was cycling through 3 or 4 songs. I happened there as it was on “Let it Go” and that powered me through to chocolate. And at that point you might as well just finish. (I’d started just a solid walk about halfway through.)

As I was heading to the boardwalk around the Yacht and Beach Club, I was excited because Seth and crew were supposed to be there. Well, first I got a big hug from Kimberly, which was MUCH appreciated and needed. I’m not used to Disney runs without a hug at the castle – and if I didn’t think it would have freaked someone out, I might have just gone up to someone in that vicinity and said “Can I have a hug?” But that would have been TOO weird. No Seth and crew, but I just kept going.

I found them just before making the backstage turn towards the finish, so that was awesome!

Just after seeing Seth, Matt, Chelsea, and Misty.

Eh, whatever. I (mostly) had fun.

The line is within sight and (I hope) sprinting distance. Head down and…GO!

THIS is what relief looks like!!

So it was tough – very tough. But I did it. I never want to do it this way again, but I learned I *can* tough it out and finish a marathon undertrained.

And my time?


Sub-seven baby!

And next year?

Goofy baby!!


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