New year! Let’s do this thing!!

Ok, so here we go. New year. Definitely ready for this one.

I’m trying something new this year…choosing a Word of the Year. A word I’ll be focusing on and hopefully most things will end up centering around the word.

My word for 2014 is…


It can be taken literally, psychologically and spiritually, and hopefully I can apply it in all areas.

Now… Onwards to goals. As I’ve said before, I don’t “do” resolutions. Those just feel so all or nothing to me. A goal…well, it’s something to work towards, getting there is a journey and if there are back-steps, well, you look at what happened, reevaluate, and move on towards the goal. So…

Goals for 2014
* work towards a healthy weight
I’m not attaching numbers to this (well, other than on MyFitnessPal where I have to) outwardly. I have in my head what I want to be at, but I’m more going for where I look and feel healthy and good. I’m not happy with myself that I let things creep up so far, but it’s not as bad as it could have been.
* improve my eating
Basically, try to focus on making more of my food and buying less take-out. Less, not none. I know realistically I will end up getting take-out sometimes, and just allowing it periodically up front I will hopefully be able to stick with it better. Ditto with diet Coke. I know it’s not good for me. But I also know that when I cut it out completely, I will end up slipping, and I slip in a bad way. So it’s all about moderation. No more than 2 per day. That’s realistic. Some days I may have none. And that’s ok. It’s about moderation and making good choices.
* focus on what I really want to be doing/am called to be doing
This one directly links to my word for the year. I need to do some serious praying, soul searching, evaluating, etc. and figure out where I’m really supposed to be. It won’t be easy, but it needs to be done
* consistency in training
In everything really, but in training specifically. I slacked off big time in the last part of the year, and it shows. It shows in how weight has crept back on. It shows in the struggles I have on runs. I have to buckle down and be more consistent and diligent. Yes, things will happen and OCCASIONALLY a workout may be missed. But the key is to not let one missed one turn into weeks. I signed up for Moon Joggers Voyage to Venus, and as terrifying as it is, I’m aiming for 1000 miles. We shall see…CONSISTENCY.

So there you are. My goals for 2014. I think they’re do-able.

Things I’m looking forward to…
*Disney Dream Cruise
Yes we just went on one. Yes I’m going solo. But I think it’s going to be a ton of fun!!
*Expedition Everest Challenge
Yes, I added one more race in. It’s a 5K adventure race and scavenger hunt. Being Disney it will be a fun, safe way to dip my toes into that style of racing. Plus it’ll be fun!!
*Great Alaskan Running Cruise
I am soooooooo super excited about this it’s not even funny!! It will be a challenge, but I am so excited to meet other runners from all over and get to explore parts of Alaska on my own two feet. Even if that includes grizzly bears. 🙂

So there you have it. My Word, my Goals, and my Looking Forward Tos for 2014.

What are yours?


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