Starting to ramp it up…

Yesterday was big. The furthest I’ve run in one go since the Walt Disney World Marathon in January.

14 miles!

I started off really well once I got going. That in and of itself took a while. I debated and debated where to run, knowing that I needed to somehow end up at running club, but wanting to be able to be warm. (Unless I wanted to come home between, I would need to carry whatever I was going to wear with me.) And I knew I’d be out about 3 hours give or take.

Finally decided I’d stuff my Chicago pull-over into my hydration pack and do Central Park. Got myself all set up.

And then got off to a slightly late start, which led to me running around trying to get ready. Got out of the house and figured I still had time to subway it up to CP and get it done. Halfway to the subway station, I realized that I had forgotten my GymBoss. Now, I could have set my new Garmin Forerunner 10 which I won from a raffle in Hartford (who knew, right??), but I wasn’t sure how to do it. So…

Turned around and got the GymBoss, then decided to do my Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan route and end up close to Rutgers Pres where FRNY meets. It was a pretty, coldish day. And the coldish probably came into play as the run went on.

All was going well until around Mile 10, 10.5. At that point I started feeling that old familiar knee ache that comes from a not too happy ITB. But this time I stopped and did a couple of stretches and was able to keep running for most if not all of the next few run intervals (3 minutes…to 1 minute walking). About a mile later, it happened again, so more stretching. By the time I got to 12, I was having to stretch almost every run interval, so I decided just to walk the last two miles. Get the foot time in and get to Rutgers Pres and so Coach Jenny’s stretching routine – the one that includes the foam roller. And that’s what I did.

I have to admit, the knee/ITB was confusing me as it’s not like I’ve not gone 13.1 recently. Yes, I’ve been sluggish a bit since, but I haven’t completely stopped. Talking to Scoops at running club, she pointed out we’re into the first really cold weather, so it’s going to take our muscles a bit to get used to it just like it takes the rest of our bodies a while to get used to it. (Which we do…think about how now temps in the 40s feel COLD but in the spring they’ll feel warmer.) Good point.

So…it’s all about consistency. Getting my runs in, and as much as possible getting them in outside. Weirdly in Coach Jenny’s column in Women’s Running this month, she was talking about running in the cold, and she said to do that – run outside as much as possible so that cooler temps get more and more normal for us. So consistency in running AND in doing CJ’s strength and flexibility workouts.

And hopefully everything will sort itself out.

Meanwhile, starting to think about the Spring and if I want to do anything. Definitely throwing my hat into the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler lottery when it opens. Debating if I want to do the same with the Broad Street Run. Or maybe Nike Women’s Half? Or something else? Do I want to try a Spring Marathon?

Lots of decisions to make!

Lots of miles to go!!


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