Because, Alaska!

So what if this is like 268 days or so (give or take a couple) early?!? I have suddenly gotten sooooo ridiculously excited about the Great Alaskan Running Cruise!! Like, ridiculously excited!!

Yeah, I’m not going to be on Disney, but I’m going to be among what I’m sure will be an awesome group of like-minded people who don’t think running for hours on end is crazy, and definitely with two amazingly awesome leaders! I’m going to get to see sights like this…

and this…

and this…

and this…

I mean, really?? And getting to run through scenery like that?

Of course, after reading the report on this amazing blog (this is day one…they chronicle the whole thing), I realize that I’m going to be bonding with the Harlem Hills even before I thought I would. But it’ll be worth it!!

Of course, the fact that I might see this…

or this…

or on a less “Wowza!!” and more “YIKES!!” level, this…

(Yes, I’ve put a bear bell on my elfster list. I’m not stupid!!)

Yes, as of now I’m the only person I know going (not the only one…there’s at least one other who’s said she and her husband are going on the cruise FB page), so that’s a little intimidating. Rick can’t swing it, which I understand. I’m totally splurging on this – but it’s seriously going to be a once in a lifetime kind of thing for me. And given that the Gay Games are the following week, I haven’t asked if anyone in running club is interested because I think most of them are planning to go to those, which would be cool, but…

Alaska for a week or Cleveland for a week??

Sorry Cleveland, Alaska wins hands down!!

(And if any of my FRNY peeps IS interested, I can probably change my cabin from a single to a double. Or there are plenty of others available I’m sure!)

So I’m already thinking about things that I’ll need. A couple of formal or cocktail dresses – ugh…dress shopping is NOT my forte!! If I can drop the weight I picked up over the summer, I actually have one already, so maybe I can just get a LBD and be ok with those. Trail shoes. (And I’ll need to find some trail to practice on…Bear Mountain may be in my future…) Most other things I’ve pretty much got. Another couple of skirts and tops or dresses for dinners probably so I’m not repeating outfits.

I did get my most important accessory today – one that will be used on Glacier Bay day…

What? You didn’t think I’d forget I’m a Disney girl through and through did you?

Peace, love and Mickey!!


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