Plans, plans!!

Still bouncing from the ING Hartford Half on Saturday! No, it wasn’t my best time time-wise, but never once on course did I ever wish I was somewhere else. And that hasn’t happened before. I crossed the line happy and feeling good about the race as a whole, and I can’t ask for more than that!

Things are a little slim for me with racing coming up, but that’s ok. 🙂

11/2 I’ve got the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5K. Basically? It’ll be my 9th race to hit my 9+1 just in case I go insane and decide to sign up for NYC next year. I’m putting no pressure on myself and will be incorporating it into my long run for that day (only 6, so totally no biggie).

1/12 is the Walt Disney World Marathon. I really think that as long as I keep doing marathons (more on that later), this may be the one I do every year. It’s fun, and there’s a lot to keep me occupied throughout the course. I’ll definitely be doing it in 2015 because I’m going Goofy (hey, anniversary year…special bling) then. After that? We’ll see…

I’m finding that I really love the half distance. It’s still challenging for me, but it’s not such that I’m wiped for days. The training is solid, but not so much that I’m useless for multiple weekends. And so far I have yet to do a marathon where I haven’t wished I was finished about halfway through. So… I don’t know. I’m not committing to one or the other yet. 2014 could be my breakthrough year at Disney. We’ll see. I just know that I find no shame in half marathons!

The big fun thing coming up is – well, ok, it’s a marathon distance, but… – The Great Alaskan Running Cruise!! Yep, I’m cheating on Disney Cruise Line, but honestly it looks like so much fun!! And with the possibility of a half in Juneau, should I decide to do the HM version of 50 states, that’ll get Alaska off my list! Right now, if you sign up before December 1, you get $100 off!! You know you want to come!! I mean, who doesn’t want to possibly encounter a bear on a run??? Right??

And then 10/11/14… Yep! I’m already signed up for the Hartford Half! I’ve got a score to settle with those hills!!


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