Two weeks to Hartford!!

Two weeks from this writing, I will have finished my 8th half marathon in Hartford!

Initially it was going to be my 4th full – well, ok, initially it was going to be my 8th half but then I upgraded to the full within a couple of weeks of registering, so it might as well have been initially – but the flare-up of plantar faciitis meant that my training was nowhere near where it should have been, so I made the decision to drop to the half. And I’m ok with that.

A summer of PT later, I’m about to “graduate” with an arsenal of stretches to try and keep it from flaring again. Yesterday was the first time I don’t feel like I’ve set off the dogs in the doggy day care next door by high pitched squealing in pain when my therapist was massaging my foot and leg. There was one crunchy spot in the arch, but it wasn’t that bad.

Then add to that my lungs deciding to pick this week as the week they’d perform their annual rebellion. What fun. So off to the allergist I went. And then he sent me to the pharmacy with a scrip for prednisone. What fun. That said, it does seem to be getting better. I go back on the 9th for a re-check and hopefully a rescue inhaler scrip and a faxing of my symbicort scrip.

Today was my 10 miler. And yes, with a cough I probably should have skipped it or postponed it to next week, but I decided to go out with the mental understanding that if it was too tough and I really was struggling with breathing and coughing a lot, I’d call it a day. And I did start out very coughy, but it seems that once I got the initial bunch of gunk out of them, my lungs decided to settle in, and I had very little coughing after the first mile or so! 🙂

I opted to go from my apartment to Prospect Park, thus ensuring I would have some flat, some hill, and a bit of built-in rest as I would have to cross several major intersections that are almost never empty. The weather was just about perfect (can I order this weather for 2 weeks from today please?), and I generally felt good and strong throughout. There was an inline skate race going on in the park (a first for me to see), so that gave me something to watch as I ran. I ate my first bug (that I’m aware of anyway) on the run as one flew into my mouth as I was inhaling. What fun. Finished my 10 feeling good and like I could have continued – time 2:11.

So now I have two weeks to taper down and make some decisions. There is a pace group for 2:30 (a time I would love to hit but am just not sure if I’m there yet) and one for 2:45 (a time I’m pretty sure I can hit as I’ve hit quicker than that 3 times, including my PR which *was* set on a double loop of Central Park). The only thing is from the description, they’re planning on running, so I’m not sure if my run-walk would work with them. Part of me says start with 2:45 and at halfway if I’m feeling good, leave them behind. Part of me says “You stuck with the 5:30 group for about 6 miles at Disney. Go for it with the 2:30 group.” And part of me says to maybe start somewhere between them but closer to 2:45 and just do my own thing, trying not to let the 2:45 group pass me. So I don’t know…I may not make a final decision until right before depending on how I feel.

At any rate, I’m excited and ready to do this!! 🙂


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