Training continues (and other things)…

Training continues to go pretty well. I’m still going to PT for the plantar fasciitis – and now we’re working on massaging my posterior tibialis as it’s tight and seems to be the underlying cause of the PF (though it can also be the other way around…a bit of a chicken and egg thing). But it’s going well.

The past couple of days have been interesting in the apartment. For some reason (I’m still unclear as to why), they had to cut a hole in the wall between my apartment and the apartment behind me

and move the refrigerator and oven to the basement for the night. That part really confuses me as there was nothing done to the walls in the kitchen, so I honestly have no clue. Because they weren’t done by the time they had to leave yesterday, they put a door with a lock where the hole was

until they got here today and finished up whatever needed to be done. Supposedly an insurance guy was to be here this morning, but I was out on a run, so I have no clue. My only guess is something to do with wiring? That’s the only thing I can think that would require getting into the wall and moving the fridge and oven (assuming those are on the same power line if that’s what was going on).

Fridge and oven are back in place and the only casualty seems to be one cooked buffalo patty that has gone missing. I know one is missing because I cooked THREE yesterday. Ate one yesterday and put two in the fridge. Only one was in there today when I got home from running around Manhattan. It was very interesting to see where they had put the stuff that was on top of the fridge (cookies, cocoa-hazelnut butter packets, granola cereal, and A CAN OF SOUP were put IN THE FREEZER!?!?!?) – so who knows. Not a huge deal (other than that buffalo is rather expensive), but interesting that THAT is what was missing. I’m really glad that everything that was ON the fridge is still there as it includes the magnet Kara Goucher autographed for me AND my Disney comp tickets. But all those are accounted for.

After my run around (and around and around) the reservoir in Central Park, I came home and got a shower and saw a little of whatever was going on, then headed into Manhattan. I mainly wanted to hit Adventure SCUBA to talk with them about snorkeling lessons. When I go on my cruise in February, I’ll have some onboard credit and think I want to do an excursion. There’s one in Nassau that’s a catamaran sail and snorkel – and while I’ve asked and learned that you can do it and simply swim or just hang out on the catamaran, I’d like to try snorkeling if I can do it. And this place offers lessons – and if I can do it and like it, I get a discount on any equipment. I just have to call them and set up a Tuesday or Thursday evening and they’ll set me up with an instructor and some rental equipment for the lesson. 🙂 Yay!!

I decided to hang out in the city and try the lottery for Matlida but that left a bit of time. So I headed to a movie theatre to see what was there. I ended up seeing The Spectacular Now, which was actually pretty good (and saw previews for some movies I definitely want to check out!). Lost the lottery for the show tonight, but M and I have decided that we will try again next week. One nice thing they’re doing is keeping a list of the winners of tickets for the past 30 days, and you can only win once every 30 days! Doesn’t necessarily help with tourists trying the lottery, but at least it would eliminate some locals.

Oh, and in what may be a bit of insanity (but will be REALLY fun I know), I seem to have agreed to run a marathon with Jennifer Graham (author of Honey, Do You Need A Ride? which is only like my favorite running book!!) on her blog Endie Runners. And not just any marathon – Boston. I did give her the caveat that I’ll need to save up for the charity entry, so it’ll be a couple of years… But I’m just putting it out there now…I’ll be doing fundraising again sometime in the future. 🙂

So… That’s about it for now. I really do promise to try to get back to coherent, one-topic entries soon. But this is how life feels about now – all scattered!

Peace and running!


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