Because I’m awake…

…and can’t go back to sleep, you get a post! 🙂

So this list of The 25 Worst Things To Ask A Runner, which was put up on the Runners World website has been making the rounds.

In case you haven’t seen it (and because I want you to share in the joy of my insomnia), I figured I’d go through them and answer them to save you from having to ask me! 🙂

Here we go…

25. Are you fast?
Compared to someone sitting on the couch? Yes.
Compared to many other runners? No.

24. Wouldn’t you rather sleep in?
Sometimes, yes. But unless I’m doing a really long run, it usually energizes me. If it’s a really long run, I’m pretty much looped for the rest of the day.

23. Don’t you get tired?
Mostly see answer #24. But yes, if I’m doing a long run or a half or full, I will get tired on the run. But it’s a good tired born of accomplishment.

22. You run outside?
Yep. Unless I choose to run on the treadmill for any reason.

21. Isn’t it too hot?
Sometimes, yes. That’s when if needed I’ll take it to the treadmill. Because I can’t pick my race day weather, however, I will try to get an outdoor run in unless it’s really silly to run. (See the Boomer’s Run to Breathe 10K which was turned into a 4-mile fun run which was turned into Beth sleeps in because it was in the low 80s with a heat index well higher.)

20. Isn’t it too cold?
I suppose it could be for some, but I much prefer running in cold to running in hot. Dress right and you’re fine. (The subway ride home can be a bit chilly if I haven’t been able to leave warm, dry clothes somewhere.)

19. Isn’t it too windy?
Honestly other then at the Cherry Tree 10-Mile Relay this year, I haven’t been bothered by wind. And then I only was because it was a headwind on the worst hill in the park.

18. You run in the rain?
See Country Music Half 2013. Yes, I run in the rain. Rain generally won’t hurt you. Thunder and lightning are different – those I don’t run in. That’s a time to take it to the treadmill if I can’t postpone.

17. Do you really need another pair of running shoes?

16. Why would you need so many running shoes?
I like to rotate them so they don’t wear out as fast. They only have a finite mileage on them. See number 18 – if they get wet, I’ll need another pair while the wet ones are drying. Pretty colors! Seriously!

15. Running is fun?
While there are times I’ll curse it (sometimes while doing it), yes, generally for me running is fun.

14. Don’t you get lost?
Never have yet. Of course I’ve never done anything off roads or paths yet, so…

13. Do you need a ride?
Unless it’s suddenly thundering and lightning and I’m not near a subway, no. I think the NYC version of this is the livery cab honking at you as you are a) standing on the corner waiting to cross the street, b) walking down the street, or c) *running* down the street. The first 2 are especially annoying when I’m dressed for running. The last one is just plain stupid. Some of us actually like getting somewhere on our own two feet!

12. What are you doing?
This one is in reference to stretching or using the form roller…or ice bottle… I’m preventing or rehabbing an injury thanks. 🙂

11. Is running safe at your age?
Safer than my lifestyle used to be, that’s for sure. But honestly? The leading cause of death is life. I’m going to do things that make me happy. Like running.

10. Isn’t it unhealthy to run so much?
It’s healthier than couch surfing. Running has been proven to improve pretty much all aspects of health.

9. What about your knees?
Yes, even my knees.

8. So your knees do hurt?
They’re often a little sore after a long run (long = over 10 miles), but it’s not constant.

7. How do you hurt yourself running?
Pretty much the same way I could walking – a fall being the most likely. There are little overuse things, but with proper rehab and prehab, many of those can be avoided.

6. What is cross training?
Exercise that’s not running. Yoga. Pilates. Aerobics. Strength training. Elliptical. (Swimming. Spinning or biking. Etc. are also cross training…but I don’t usually do those.)

5.How far is your marathon?
A marathon is 26 miles, 385 yards. Only. That’s the only race that can be called a marathon. Less than that and it is NOT a marathon. 13.1 miles? A half marathon (or a pikermi). 10 miles? A 10 mile race. 9.3 miles? A 15K race. 6.2 miles? A 10K race. 5 miles? A 5 mile race. 3.1 miles? A 5K race. 1 mile? A 1 mile race. (And no thanks to the Rock-n-Roll series and their insistence on “Mini Marathons” I only see this question getting worse. And that we’ll have more people saying things like “I ran a 5K marathon today.” No. You ran a 5K. NOT a marathon. Go run 23.1 more miles and you can say you ran a marathon.)

4. Bt don’t you get bored?
Not usually. I usually listen to podcasts or on long runs I’ll listen to audiobooks. I also like occasionally just zoning out. And sometimes I’ll even pray while running. 🙂

3. Did you win?
Did I finish? I won. 🙂
Oh wait. You meant first place? Wait, wait. Let me get up off the floor from laughing. No. I didn’t come in first. But for me, finishing is winning.

2. Why do you pay so much to run a race?
There are some races (see many NYRR ones) I ask myself that very thing. But generally I do it because I want to. I get stocked aid stations, usually people cheering me on, sometimes bands on the course…and for the ones that are really worth it, BLING!! And if it’s a Disney race, some kick-ass scenery and entertainment!

1. So…you like jogging? (aka one pick up line that never works)
Honestly I’m not as bothered by the jogging/running thing as some. But still, I think of myself as a runner. (Plus “jogger” makes me think of when my daddy decided he wanted to start “jogging” – until the first rainy morning he encountered. And thus ended his “jogging” career. We would often tease him if we passed someone out purposely running in the rain – “Look! It’s a faihful jogger!” Hee hee!

So there you have it. MY answers to the 25 worst questions to ask a runner! 🙂

Aren’t you glad I can’t get back to sleep?

Peace, love and running!


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