Catching up…

Yes, I’ve been a blog slacker again. So… Recent life/thoughts in bullet-points (or, ok, asterisks).

* Summer is going entirely too fast!!! A month from yesterday the kids come back. And only three weeks until we have to go for PD. Sad fact!!

* The store is still usually fun. Obviously it has its moments. Last night there was that awkward moment when I was commenting how cute this guest’s credit card was – it had a dancing polar bear on it. He pointed to the logo in the top corner I hadn’t seen before and saw the Olympic rings and “Sochi 2014” on it and proudly said it was the symbol for the Olympics and did I know Russia was hosting the Olympics. I just gritted my teeth while I smiled and nodded. I couldn’t say what I was really thinking – “Yes, I’m aware. But I wish all our athletes could participate without potentially endangering their lives for being who they are.” Ugh. (Of course, I’m also sad that the Track and Field World Championships are in Moscow as well.)

* Still in post-cruise haze. I’ve got one booked for Winter Break (a 4-night on the Dream!!) and am making plans for rebooking on there. At first it was going to be Alaska (sorry Coach Jenny…I just cannot do another cruise line now after Disney…I seriously wanted to cry in a not-good way looking at pictures of the Holland America ship), but… I’ve already seen prices jump just in the couple of weeks I’ve been looking at Alaska, so I can only imagine what it will be by February. AND because the Alaska cruises base port in Vancouver, the date to be paid in full moves up considerably. So… New plan! In February, rebook for a 7-night cruise on the Fantasy in August of 2014 (love love love still being off while a lot of other places are in school…the price dropped by half!) and while on THERE rebook for Alaska 2015. This is of course assuming they keep that itinerary for 2015. Hooray!! (And if all this comes together, I’ll be one ship away from getting the “Disney Cruise Line Grand Slam” – all four ships!!)

* Church is great. Today we had this visioning…I guess workshop? focus group?…it was initially to have been an actual leadership retreat where others of us who are newer were invited to come, but I guess a lot of the leaders couldn’t be there, so it turned into this really cool time of sharing, learning, thinking… I loved it!! Lots of ideas in my head, but they’re all pretty nebulous right now. Hopefully they’ll settle down soon and give me some clarity! Ha!

* In some ways I’m still adjusting to Benny not being here anymore. (I did talk about that on here, right? How he finally flew into a wall too fast one too many times and died? Yeah…the Monday before family vacation.) There are times still when I notice how quiet it is when I come in. Or I’ll eat something that he usually would come and snatch (who am I kidding, that’s almost everything!!). Or I won’t be able to find something like stamps I bought and I’ll start to yell at/to him. I’m contemplating cat ownership, but we’ll see. I guess I didn’t pass my Humane Society pre-interview as no one has ever called me back. ASPCA seems a little more laid back…I may go out there next Sunday and see what cats they have and talk to them. But we’ll see. I am out of the apartment a lot when I’m not on breaks…

* Entertainment-wise, I’m not sure what I’ll watch now that Shark Week is over. Although it did trend toward the sensationalistic this year more than before. (But ok, the Snuffy the Seal commercials???? CLASSIC!!!!) I still love it. I’m fascinated by sharks. Really. Don’t get me wrong…I will be the first one out of the water if a fin appears. But watching them? LOVE IT! I want to get back to see some shows (Kinky Boots, Matilda, Wicked now that Lindsay is in it!), but haven’t made it there yet. Movies… LOVED Monsters University – for a prequel, they did a good job with getting us to the point where we knew they ended up without it appearing TOO much of twisting to get the story there. Elysium? Don’t waste your money or time. WAY too much build-up to the ending that you can see so easily telegraphed in the first 5 minutes of the film. And I’m sooooooo glad I didn’t see it in IMAX not only because that’s more expensive but also because there is a LOT of really jerky camera work – to the point that I, who don’t get motion sickness of any type, felt like I was starting to get motion sickness. Ultimately I just wish I had that 2 hours of my life back.

* Training is still going well. Last week was the Team Championships and I generally feel good about that one. It was tough, and I was really pushing to finish hard and strong…and my race captains say I looked it. I’m trying to focus on finishing each run strong so my body gets in THAT habit rather than the slow down at the end. Today’s long run was also 5 miles. I headed up to Central Park and decided to take on the Harlem Hills, meaning I was going left when I entered the park – that way you’ve got a significant climb on both sides…and the treat of going DOWN Cat Hill as a “reward”. I’m proud to say that for the first time I think EVER in my running history, I BEAT HARLEM HILLS!!!!! Meaning that every run interval second was run on those damn hills!!!!! Maybe not super fast, but my effort was kept at the same (or maybe a little stronger), and I was RUNNING them!! Hooray!!!!

So… I think that’s about it for my semi-boring life for now! I’m going to get showered off (the run was this evening) and get in bed.

Run happy!!


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