Resetting and restarting – Hartford HALF Week 1 Run 1

Yes, it’s been a while – both writing and running/training.

Vacation was amazing ~ we went to Key West and on a 3-night Disney Dream cruise. Loved it. Got a run in at Key West and I ran the Castaway Cay 5K ~ my first international race (informal as it may be)!


When all is said and done, I took a hard look at my training plan and where I am. Between dealing with PF, dealing with a cold and sore throat, vacation in there, and the major heat wave we have had, my training was far behind where it should be. Like, I should have done 10 this weekend and didn’t get any in. And things just build from here. Mileage-wise I’m far behind where I should be for a decent run at a sub-6 marathon. Heck, I’m far behind where I would feel comfortable even attempting a full marathon in October.

So I looked at the marathon plan and freaked out. I looked at the half marathon plan I’ve followed, and this week would put me at starting week 2. And the mileage is at a level I’m comfortable with considering where I’m at and what I’ve done over the past few weeks. It will also dovetail nicely into the plan for the Disney full. And so decision made…

I am officially dropping to the Half Marathon for Hartford and committing to training 100% for it. I will go from that race into the training plan for Disney. I’m not thinking I’ll go for sub-6 at Disney, but we’ll see. I WILL plan to ride Everest, and I might do some pictures…but we’ll see what training and weather and stuff have in store for me. After all, my 10 mile and HM times so far indicate that I should be 15-30 minutes UNDER a 6-hour marathon, so that should give me a little time. But we’ll see. 🙂

So I went to the gym today and kicked off my Hartford HALF training. It went really well, and I feel very positive and good about this decision.


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