My first DNS

Well, it finally happened. In almost three years of running and racing, I have logged my first ever DNS (Did Not Start).

It happened yesterday. I didn’t run the Oakley Mini 10K.

True, I had been ambivalent about it going in, but that was more to do with the pressure and expectations with it being a team points race than anything else. In spite of me usually hating 10Ks (what can I say, I seem to be more of a distance than a speed girl…not that I’m speedy at distances either), I really do like that race – the sisterhood and camaraderie that permeates the environment.

Friday was completely gross weather-wise, but all reports were indicating that the rain would stop before the race. So that was good. I set out my stuff before I went to work at the store at 8pm. I had pretty much everything ready to go.

But just before leaving for work, I started feeling sniffly and my throat started feeling a little scratchy. I got some cold meds on the way into work, and figured I’d be ok.

When I got home (around 2:30am), I put finishing touches on getting stuff ready, and settled in for a nap before the alarms went off. But when they did, I discovered that though the sniffles seemed to have been settled by the meds, my throat was still sore – possibly even a little more than when I closed my eyes. I pondered what to do for a few moments, and then ultimately decided to DNS it.

I figure that in the overall big picture – especially with marathon training – that it’s far better to skip one race and rest in, letting my body heal, than it would be to run the race and potentially make things worse, thus knocking myself out of training for even longer.

I’m not happy about it, but it does seem to have been the right decision. After sleeping until almost 10:45, I do feel a bit better. 🙂

Oh, and I now have a race mascot who will travel to races with me. It’s a Scare Pig from the released-on-June 21 movie Monsters University!

His name (I wanted him to have one other than just Scare Pig) is Porkles Bacon! 🙂


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