Foot update…

Had my follow-up with my podiatrist today.

He asked how the injection did, and I said it felt better – lots. But a couple of days after it REALLY hurt where the injection was. He said that was a good thing, that it meant he’d hit the right area.

He was happy I’d gotten my SuperFeet insoles and said I need to make sure I have something on my arches all the time. Hmm…that will make being dressy on the cruise a challenge. Unless when I go back for my month follow-up on the third he makes me those little slip-on arch pad things my podiatrist in Waukegan made (hopefully I can explain them if he’s not sure what I mean). Those would work. They’d look a bit funny, but they would support the arches for the time I need to be in dressier-than-sneakers shoes.

And I asked about a PT prescription and he said “Sure! Let me do that now!” so I’m all set to start that next Wednesday. Even though it’s mostly feeling better, I want to work on things to prevent it flaring again!!

In the meantime… I’m definitely hitting the gym tomorrow morning for the elliptical if nothing else. I need to get my little (well, now expanding) butt active again. I may try a short run on Friday.

Saturday I’m scheduled for the Mini 10K. I usually hate 10Ks, but for some reason I love this race. I’m just very ambivalent about it right now because a) it’s supposed to POUR (as in every forecast says it…it’s shades of Nashville all over again minus the warm car to get home in), b) I haven’t run since last Wednesday, and it’s not the easiest course, and c) (and this is awful…but weirdly happens around this time every year…very ironic that it happens during Pride month) it’s a team points race meaning that I really have no choice in what I wear, and that just makes me a little rebellious and resentful…especially for a women’s race, I want to look cute and I’m sorry…our singlets are NOT cute. I’m really debating going unaffiliated next year…but that’s another story really – the pressure just gets to me sometimes…or most of the time…even though I’m one of the slowest, the pressure is there for sure.

So we’ll see what happens on Saturday – I’ll keep you posted.

Incidentally, I’ve got to say, the fact that I’d feel weird wearing the shirt if I don’t start? Totally a non-issue given this *ahem* lovely (where’s my sarcasm font??) shirt…

That is just a fail on so many levels. Yucky!!!


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