Hartford Week 1, Run 2

(Decided to specify it by runs rather than days as I won’t necessarily be posting training related stuff every day. Heck, who am I kidding? I often don’t even post ANYTHING every day!)

Got up EARLY this morning to do my second run of this training cycle. Same rules as before applied…if the heel hurt, I’d stop. Once I stretched before even beginning, it really didn’t hurt so I kept going – again, keeping it close to home just in case.

The run started off tough…it’s really my first run in a while with significant humidity in the air, and I’m going to have to acclimate, and I know that takes a couple of weeks. So I’ll just be patient and acclimate into it. After a couple of run cycles, things evened out and I fell into a better rhythm.

And a funny thing happened around then. (Bear with me, this might get a little rambly…but there’s a thread I promise). Last night I went to the young adult group at my new church ( a) yes, 40s is a part of this group; and b) ok, so I’m not officially a member yet…but.) – well, we met in one of the member’s apartments. We did some personal check-in, some Bible study, and then had a time to share prayer requests with each other. I’ve been headphone-free for about a week now because the right bud in my snuggbuds has stopped working, and I haven’t gotten the form I need to send in printed off yet. At running club, I’ve chatted with people. In the Brooklyn Half I just dealt with it. In Nashville, it didn’t matter as I was not taking the iPod or iPhone out in that mess. But today, somewhere about 1/4 – 1/2 way into the run, I just started praying. And it really worked for me. (Definitely not saying this is for everyone or that even this is what I’ll always do. But it just felt right this morning.

Then this afternoon was the appointment with the podiatrist. I’d seen him before for some sprained little muscles in my foot, so I am already familiar with him. I told him what was going on, and he said “Ok, let’s take a look.” He pressed at one point and asked if it hurt. It did. He marked it, then pressed around a little more. At one point not only did it hurt, but I felt it across the bottom of my heel and into the outside. Which confirmed it.

Plantar faciitis.

Oh joy. I got a cortisone shot in my heel around where the pain radiated – um, it HURTS to get a shot in a muscle or tendon. OWIE OWIE OWIE!!! And I’ve been ordered to get orthotics. I got three choices – $500 custom ones not covered by insurance (yeah, NOT RIGHT NOW), the general kind he has in the office for like $50, or (and HE is the one who named the brand, I didn’t ask) SuperFeet. I went by JackRabbit to price them, and at $39.95, they are the winner. Now to get paid and have the time to go – so I’m thinking Saturday after running club so I’ve got time as well.

I’m currently sitting with an ice pack secured to the bottom of my foot with an ace bandage. I’m freezing a bottle of water as I type so that I can use that instead. I’ve looked up a type of PT that a couple of friends recommended to me and plan to call them tomorrow to make sure they take my insurance (I’ve learned that “We accept most insurance” often translates as “Except yours”, so I’m not getting my hopes up yet.), and assuming they do try and get in with them ASAP. For now I can run…I just have to keep following my rule.

So hooray? We’ll see how this goes.

Run miles: 3.95
Week 1 miles: 7.81
Total cycle miles: 7.81


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