Hartford Week 1, Day 1

And the fun begins again!

October 12, 2013 I will be running the Hartford Marathon.

I’m working towards my goal of a 5:59:59 (or better…I won’t fuss if I beat that) for that race, and my training began today! I’m using the run/walk plan on Jenny Hadfield’s website, and by dating the weeks backwards…voila! this is the kick-off week. I considered Higdon’s plan with a run/walk thing and looked briefly at a couple of others, but essentially, Coach Jenny’s plans have worked for me so far, and since I’m getting involved at my new church, Higdon’s plan of a shorter long run on Saturday and a long run on Sunday didn’t really work for me. So…I’m sticking with what’s worked and with what I feel comfortable with. And though I say “comfortable” that doesn’t mean I won’t be pushing myself. Her plan just lays out the number of intervals and the interval ratio…I can pick the intensity and speed as I want or need to.

After Brooklyn (I know, I never updated about it… Basically? It was rough, and I almost quit numerous times, but then it was just stupid to have gone that far and not finish, so I did in 2:48:56), I took the whole week off, mainly because my heel has been hurting a lot more lately. I’m thinking PF…and I’ve got an appointment with my podiatrist on Wednesday, so hopefully it’ll be a relatively quick fix. But I admit I was beginning to consider alternate plans for Hartford…either a condensed plan or dropping back to the half (that one’s still on the table pending what I find out at the podiatrist).

Yesterday, I did a lot of walking between church and work, and it actually felt good, and it didn’t hurt this morning. So I decided to give it a shot with my first official Hartford training run. I kept it close to home (the park a block away) and promised myself I’d stop if it hurt at all.

It didn’t. 🙂 So I got 3.86 miles in. Hooray!

Came home and did my stretching, also from Coach Jenny. Hooray!!

Total miles: 3.86


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