General randomness…

Lots of stuff to discuss. LOL. None is really enough for its own post, so… A collection of randomness!

Starting with helping with the Beginner’s Clinic on Saturday, I’m finally getting some miles in after the Country Music Half. I’m up to almost 11. In my defense, not only was I completely wiped after the race, I got the lovely pleasure of having oral surgery last Monday to have a tooth removed due to an infection surrounding a crown and/or root canal (I honestly can’t remember which tooth had the root canal a couple of years ago and which just got a crown). I ended up letting them put me under – the surgeon said he *would* do it without putting me under, but he wanted to warn me that in his experience he was never able to get the area numb enough when there was an infection like that – and that the needles would probably hurt more going in. I’ve got a pretty high pain tolerance (which can be bad as I don’t always recognize something that’s a problem until it’s a problem). I’m fine now (I think…now my upper gum hurts…and it feels weird where the tooth was…but I’m due to see my regular dentist soon), and so Saturday I started getting miles in.

I’m feeling better now, and like Brooklyn might actually happen. In the days just after Nashville, I was seriously considering my first ever DNS (Did Not Start) with that one. I was just so tired and wiped out. Nashville took a lot out of me with the constant hills (I swear even though I lived there for a while, I had no clue it was that hilly. You really never get that stuff unless you run I guess) and the rain. I even asked a running club teammate Bernie if it would hurt the team worse (it’s a points race, so participation is important) if I started and dropped out (which would be my first ever DNF – Did Not Finish), and she just advised me to do what’s right for me. I told her honestly I would play it by ear. A start is looking more possible now, but I’m not committing to anything yet.

Observation completed successfully.

Walk through happened on Monday. Haven’t heard anything yet, but I think it went ok.

Field Day was scheduled for tomorrow, but because of rain the fields are muddy so it’s postponed until next week.

I’m struggling with how to explain this whole thing… If you’re religious, you might get it. If you’re not, I don’t know…

One of my friends in seminary used to never say coincidence. She would say “God-incidence” – meaning that there was a reason to the seemingly random things that all fit together. Like, God leading you to things even when you didn’t see it. And I really think that’s what’s going on here. I liked the first church I visited in this new journey all right. The people who I did meet were nice enough. But I really felt strongly that I wasn’t supposed to go back for a second Sunday…at least not yet. So I ended up at the second one on the list I’d sent my dad (I sent him the websites of the reconciling congregations in NYC, and he assumed they were in an intentional order – they weren’t, it was almost alphabetical). And honestly? I haven’t felt that welcome and that…that home and safe in a church since I walked into St. Thomas Dupont Circle in DC (another random thing that happened because I was too late to go to the other Episcopal church in that area). Yes, at Holy Apostles I made friends with some people, but overall I realize now that I never really felt “home” there. It was close…it was like…I don’t know…like summer camp? I liked it a lot, or parts of it, but ultimately I knew I’d be going home. Does that make sense? (I told you I was having trouble explaining it.)

And then all the Rev. Ogletree stuff was like WHAM in the news, and there’s one of the pastors at my likely new church right there in the news as well. And then I read her response on the Huffington Post website, and stuff just seems to all make sense. Why I was led there. At this particular time. And it explains a lot…but I’m not going to subject you to all those rambling musings. Yet.

So last night rather than go to Taize at the first church, I opted to go to Bible Study at the second. Yes, I was nervous about it – I wasn’t sure what I was walking into. I found out they had been studying a book and were at the last chapter. But I was welcomed so warmly and assured that I really didn’t have to have read the book to participate. And they were right. I wasn’t lost at all – in fact, I was able to slide right in and participate as if I’d been there all along.

Definitely going back on Sunday.

Family Trip!!!!
We’re getting closer and closer to our family trip to celebrate my parents’ 45th anniversary! We are checked into the Dream!!! (You do that online early and then you can book excursions or ship-board activities – I’ve already booked a bamboo massage!!)

Here’s what I know is happening…
Friday, July 5, I fly into Orlando International and we spend the night at a Hampton Inn in Orlando.
Saturday, July 6, we drive…somewhere. Andrea and I have not been told this part of the trip. But clearly it’s within driving distance of Orlando.
Wednesday, July 10, we drive to Port Canaveral from wherever and spend the night in a Country Inn & Suites.
Thursday, July 11, we board the Disney Dream for a 3-night cruise where we are staying concierge level. Whee!!
Sunday, July 14, we dock and disembark at Port Canaveral. I fly home that evening. (Boo!)

I’m super excited about it!! I need to get some shorts and/or capris, and a few tops, but overall I’m in pretty good shape for it.

So… I think that’s about it for the moment. LOL. Told you it would be random!!


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