Foodie Penpals!!

It’s reveal day for foodie penpals!!

This month, Madelyn “drew” my name! And man did she send me yummy yums!!

Tate’s Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ These taste just like my mom’s cookies!! AND discovered that they’re sold at the Food Emporium!! This could be a dangerous thing!!

Terra Root Veggie Chips ~ Um, YUM! That is all!!

Archer Farms Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti Granola ~ Madelyn said she sometimes would splurge with this for breakfast…so I did. Yummy!!

I can’t read the label (and it’s long since gone), but this chocolate with bits of honeycomb in it – Totally delicious!!!! I know what it looks like, so when I see it again, I can stock up! Especially since my magnesium is low, meaning I’m entitled and encouraged to eat chocolate in limited amounts!

And the Tomato Basil Pasta ~ I haven’t had the chance to eat this yet, but it sounds yummy!! Madelyn said it’s really good with red wine! I’ll definitely love to try it that way!!

I love foodie penpals!! It’s so much fun to get a little box of foods – some things you might have picked up, others you’ve never heard of! If you want to participate, the link is above!

I’m definitely signed up for next month!! Can’t wait!!


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