One week later…

It’s been a week…

So much has changed – we’re less innocent than we were before. We know we’re vulnerable, our families and friends who cheer us on are vulnerable.

And yet, we go on.

The Run for the Parks was held in Central Park on Sunday. More security, clear bags only at gear check, limited access to the porta-potties…but the race went on.

I was there to get the NYRR I run for BOSTON shirt my friend Scoops had picked up for me and to cheer on her and all the other racers. I didn’t see the stage the runners saw, but Scoops took a picture of it – there was a clock reading 4:09:43 with the BAA flag hanging from it. 😦 The national anthem was sung by a NY-based singer who was raised in Hopkinton and remembers playing on the course with her high school band. She held it together amazingly well until about the last third when I heard her voice cracking. At that point I lost it. I often say I was apparently absent the day they handed out the patriotic genes, but I was teary-eyed at the beginning. Then they started the race – filled with runners in the I run for BOSTON shirts and other Boston colors and gear – to Sweet Caroline. While I was cheering and watching and crying, I felt a wet nose nuzzle my hand. I looked down and saw this cutie…

His name is Norman. I petted him for a while (his Dad was right there waiting for Norman’s Mom to pass before going to the finish) – my own personal comfort dog. They headed to the finish and I waited for Scoops to come by, then I headed to the finish. I went a longer way, but when I approached the finish stretch, who came trotting over to me but Norman!! 🙂 I ❤ him!! His dad said he actually is training to be a therapy dog. He will definitely be good at it!

I cheered all the Front Runners I saw go by, including Scoops, and once she passed I went to the finish area to meet up with her briefly – it was chilly and as I had her clear bag, I knew she hadn't checked anything. She said there was a suspicious package around Mile 3.5 – a backpack and a box, I'm unclear on which order – and there was massive police presence around it, but she just turned on the gas and kept going towards the finish.

It was great to really feel like a part of the larger running community being there. Selfishly I hope that my emotions at the start will help contain them in my race on Sunday so that I can start out under control. The x-factor I think for me will be the finish line. Yes, I saw thousands cross it on Sunday, even some audibly sobbing, but I didn't experience that. I'm sure it will be more emotional than usual.

Still, I'm looking forward to it, and I will be rocking Nashville in Boston colors!

(I was going to finally upadte about the Cherry Blossom, the More/Fitness Women's Half, and other life things, but this entry just kind of took over. Those will come later. I've got three weeks of free evenings! Hee!!)


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