New fun with the trainer.


Why Beth is a hot mess with the jump rope.

It was bonding day with my trainer today. Lots of fun. He’d said we were going to start working on more lateral movement, but that didn’t enter in as much as I thought it would. Only on the “skipping lunges”.

We went into the leg room, and I got to use that bar that you rest on your shoulders behind your neck and squat. We didn’t put any weights on there – he wanted me to focus on high reps. He said when I’m more comfortable and moving faster I can put no more than 5 pounds on each side because we’re not going for bulk. Then it was skipping side lunges and single leg bridges. Thankfully no ball between my legs to shoot across the room.

It’s really obvious that my right side is the stronger in the hips. And that makes sense given that it was my left hip where I pulled the muscle when I had my little bike wreck back between 6th and 7th grades.

Then it was back into the “turf area” for push-ups – still *just* six, but this time focusing on going lower so no taps – followed by shoulder presses, a full plank (as opposed to forearm planks), and then basically tabata jump rope – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. R was impressed when I said “Oh, so tabata?” Hee! Yep, I learn about these things! Only problem is that I never really learned proper jump rope. I skip. So even not going super fast I get tangled up – and I put an extra jump in there. Like, if I could get the rope around as quick as I jump, we’d be in good shape. But that’s for me to work on. Hopefully it’s something I can learn. 🙂

Then it was to dead lifts followed by rows and bicep curls on the TRX. TRX curls? Um, difficult!! I have to keep my arms up AND my shoulders relaxed while I’m curling my biceps to pull my body up. There was one point that I did one and R said “Perfect! But…I bet your biceps don’t think so right now.” How right he was. Then it was on to plank jacks, which weren’t as hard as I’d thought they would be. I mean, they weren’t easy, but they weren’t that hard.

At one point during the session while we were talking, I said something like “When I’ve been here in the mornings when the lady you’re training with kickboxing is here I can’t help but laugh at some of the things she says when you want her to do something new – like things I come out with.” and he laughed and said “Yeah…the two of you are usually my best for comments. But you do it. I’ve got another who doesn’t comment but gives me the death look. She’ll usually do it too, but that look.” Hee! He also said he’s got about 5 or 6 teachers on his training roster, so that’s cool.

I did mention how I’m finding I like the rowing machine during warm up, and how I’m thinking it might be fun to look into a class or group to learn it actually on the water. But when I’ve googled for information I only find things for kids. He said he’s pretty sure things for adults do exist. The girl who taught him rowing machine technique used to be a trainer at the club, and he said she would know and he would reach out to her and see what he could come up with.

I think it would be fun – and a new challenge for sure. Not that it would replace running, but it would be something else. I love running, but that’s not all of who I am athletically – or it’s not all of who I want to be…

But that’s another blog entry. Tomorrow probably. 🙂

What about you? What are your favorite things to do fitness-wise that aren’t running?


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