Come on Spring!!

Hopefully this week’s storm got Winter out of Mother Nature’s system. I’m definitely ready for Spring.

And apparently more races?

Um, yeah. We got an email that the online system for those of us with guaranteed entry for Brooklyn wouldn’t be up yet, but we could mail, fax or walk in our application. I opted to fax, and I’ve been told via an email that it was received and processed, but there’s no charge on my card yet and I’ve gotten no email. I’m hanging onto the “received and processed” email though for sure! So add Brooklyn Half Marathon onto my calendar. May 18.

Then on Wednesday, most of the June races opened up. The Mini didn’t, but the Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run did! Obviously since that’s my team, I signed up. Yay!! June 29.

And then on…Thursday I think, this was posted:

A women’s cut, technical shirt from Athleta which is adorable? And add my friend Amanda running? And add not being able to sign up to volunteer until after the NYC Half (you can only sign up for one volunteer thing at a time with NYRR) but wanting to take part?

And you have another registration accident. So add on the More/Fitness Women’s Half. 4/14. (AKA a final long supported training run for the Country Music Half with bling!)

It’s gonna be a full Spring for sure!!

But first we have to get through the last of Winter. I don’t care that it’s “meteorological spring”, we had mega winter this week.

I had a race yesterday that I signed up for on sort of a whim, but I liked the cause. It was the World Race for Hope – it benefitted the Somaly Mam Foundation which works to stop human trafficking. It was in Riverside Park, and the email we got on Friday said that unless we received further notification, the race was on even with the snow and stuff we got. I got off work at 1, came home and slept for a few hours, then headed up to the UWS. Going into the park, I knew I was in for a new experience – trying to avoid black ice while running. The course wasn’t as flat as I had thought – I hadn’t realized it wasn’t the path along the Hudson. But it all worked out and I didn’t fall once! The course was a little long, but that’s ok. I finished in under 45 minutes, so given the danger of black ice and having to walk over some patched carefully, I’ll take it!

At running club, had a good talk with A.J. about the beginner’s clinic. He’s taking responsibility for heading it up this year and is tapping several of us to work with him on it. I’m excited to get involved like this! I think it’s important for them – especially those truly just starting out – to hear that there is a place for all of us regardless of speed. I’ll likely be the one “leading” the slowest group, but that’s ok. It will be a run/walk group, and I’ll for sure be teaching them good run/walk etiquette!

Got up today after losing that blessed hour of sleep (ugh!) and got ready to head out and go for a run. Opted for my “run to Prospect Park and around the park” route, so there’s a little stop and go for a while, but I get road practice too. It was slightly chilly when I started out, but it warmed up pretty quickly and it was an absolutely fabulous, sunny run! I only had 6 on tap, so I cut the park at the center road, and just did that “top loop” so to speak. But I kept up a pretty good pace (for me – remember, it’s all relative!) and generally felt good throughout. I will never love hills, but I’m realizing their importance in my training. And I know that these will help me in Nashville for sure!

And now I’m going to try and grab a 15-minute power nap and then it’s into the store for 5 hours. Hopefully it’s not as crazy as it was last night. But we’ll see. I may well end up popping into Starbucks and getting some coffee on my way in as I’m now 6 days soda free and don’t want to mess that up!

Happy running!!


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