A couple of new fun things. And a SMH moment for sure.

This weekend was filled with some new things.

I already pretty much covered the new training stuff including the rowing warm-up. I did that again this morning, and I did ok. I did the workout as a circuit set, doing my legs/balance then core then arms and repeating that three times, wrapping it up with the jumping jacks. It seemed to work well. Yes, I was tired te third circuit, but it felt more tired spread out overall rather than the final group being possibly compromised because of fatigue.

I like it though! And maybe it’s just some wishful thinking, but I think I’m beginning to detect a little definition in my “strongs” in my upper arms. Maybe.

Saturday I did my run – ok, it was “only” 5 miles, but still – in my new Aspaeris Pivot shorts. I learned about them through Team Tough Chik, and decided to give them a try. I love them!! I want to get more – the pink Gen2 ones look so cute!!

And then, my TTC teammate Angela is celebrating her 4-year runniversary with a really cool giveaway! Check it out here!

I should figure out how to do some kind of giveaway on here… Hmm…

And then just for a moment when you will shake your head and wonder how on earth these people actually got their jobs…and keep them (be it the anchor who was just winging it or the researcher who did the background work…or both). If you’re a runner on social media, you’ve probably already seen this, but…

Yes. She essentially treated a TWO TIME OLYMPIC CHAMPION like some newbie who just hopped into a race and won. Also? She needs to learn the difference between a half marathon and a marathon.

Major kudos to Mo for his graciousness. I’m still so proud to say I ran the 2011 NYC Half with him! 🙂


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