More training fun. Or, be careful what you mention you’re “interested in”…

Today was my second training session with my trainer (third session all together, but the first was the complimentary evaluation session). Whee!

When we booked the session, he told me not to get there early and do 30 minutes on the elliptical again like last time (I kind of burned out my legs for the end of the session the last time). He remembered that I’d asked about the rower and had decided that would be my warm-up today.

Warm-up? After only 10 minutes I was ready to hit the locker room. Wowza, talk about a full-body workout!! You use EVERYTHING on that machine – legs, back, shoulders, arms… Much impressed for all those rowers out there! And to think I fussed at my dad for not encouraging me to look at a school where I could have potentially done or at least learned crew. πŸ˜›

After the warm-up, I still had an hour of stuff to do. What fun! And I pay for this joyful stuff! I know, right? Cray-cray!! But lesson learned! Even though I’ve been intrigued by the rope thing (you know…that big rope that people move up and down when it’s roped around a pole?) since i first saw it on The Biggest Loser – like, “how does that do anything?” was my first thought when I saw it the first time…I know better now – but no way was I going to mention that! I didn’t even comment on the nice breeze it provided when I was doing mat work. LOL. Because if I mentioned it, lord knows I’d be doing it next time!

But the workout…

We kept the standing lunges, but removed the pad that showed me now far to put my stance and how far down to go AND added an 8-pound medicine ball in my hands. 10 per side. “Dunking bird” dead lifts – on one leg but no weight – 10 on each side. Then standing side lunges with pushing the 8 pound medicine ball out. All wrapped up with bridges with the 4-pound medicine ball held between my legs. The gold spot there is unlike in PT, I was able to hold the ball between my legs without shooting it across the room!

Hey, progress is progress, right?

I mentioned it to Ray, and then when I was doing the second rep through the circuit, he said “The ITB issue was or is on the left, right?” Yep. He could tell just from my efforts to control my balance. So while it hasn’t bothered me in a while (knocking on wood!!), I definitely still need some work. But that’s what the training is for, right? Right!

Then we moved onto core work. One legged elbow planks. The first one I almost face planted because my foot was sliding on the mat, and Ray saw it, so we wiggled me back so that my toes were on the turf. Then side planks – I opted for the knees bent and feet behind me version. And then a leg raise from a half boat pose. When he told me to raise my legs when I was in a half crunch from the top, I said “Oh, you’re funny.” which made him laugh. I did it though.

Then it was time to add in some cardio. 30 seconds of jumping jacks with 15 seconds of rest. Times 4. I started laughing because for once I wasn’t having to look around when doing the jacks. See, if I do them at home, Benny (my bird) invariably flies at me – either my hands or my ponytail. At the gym I can do them unencumbered. What fun!

And then upper body. Sticking with my 6 push-ups, but the challenge is now to go down a little further than half AND add in a shoulder tap on each side when I come back up. Uh…yeah. Then onto T-flys with the TRX bands. Hammer curls with 12 pound weights and shoulder presses with 8 pound weights rounded out the workout.

When we were in the office going over the stuff, I asked if Ray preferred that I do one group three times and move on or if he’d rather I do it like a circuit and do each group and then repeat. He said I could try it that way, it might be good to see how I responded to that as it would let the muscles get a little more recovery. So I’m going to be trying it both ways and see what seems to work better. With the caveat that when I do it as a circuit workout, I save the jumping jacks until the end so that those 30 seconds-15 seconds reps all come together.

Afterwards, I went into Manhattan to meet T – a running club teammate – at Vynl to talk about running club stuff like helping newcomers feel really welcome as opposed to coming a time or two and being welcomed, then kind of abandoned. It’s tricky because you can’t dictate to people to be friends with someone – we naturally will gravitate towards certain people – but the be friendly to them for a week or two then totally ignore them after dance isn’t really encouraging to new people either. It was a little harder for me to comment on things as I’ve only been able to go regularly in the past few weeks. But it can definitely be an issue. Also something that can be sticky – especially with the women – is when a break-up occurs, the tendency to take sides rather than remaining neutral. As T rightly pointed out, other than in the case of extreme abuse on one person’s part, it’s usually not solely one person’s fault (note I say “usually” because as we all know “always is always false and never is never true”). And taking sides just creates rifts. Clearly nothing was solved in this brunch, but T and I had a good time (or I did anyway, and it seemed as if she did too) talking running and stuff. She’s got an injury she’s dealing with an is on the running DL right now, but when she’s able to come back we may well be at the same pace, so I may have a running partner, at least for a while! πŸ˜€ It was good times and great food!!

So all in all, it’s been a great day with learning experiences galore! πŸ™‚ Overall good times all around!


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