Well, THAT was humbling!

I’m just gonna start with sending out all kinds of admiration for those of you who do cycling and/or spinning on a regular basis.

MUCHOS admiration!!

The last time I did a spin class, it was literally last century. (Ok, I did 15 minutes of spinning at my running club’s intro to multi-sport thingy a couple of years ago, but that was 15 minutes and not a class.) But they have it at my gym, and I decided to give it a whirl today.

I got in there early as instructed and waited for the instrutor to come in and help me figure out how to set up my bike. He wasn’t there the 15 minutes early the schedule indicated they should be, but a great girl helped me start setting up my seat height, etc. Jeff, the instructor, came in a little way into it and he took over. He told me that what was most important in his eyes as I’m new at it and learning how to do it was for me to just get used to the pedaling and adding and removing resistance – to not look around at other people and get frustrated when I couldn’t do what they were doing. That I needed to just be in my head and my space and do what I could do.

I started out well, but I did have to sit several times when the rest of the class was standing. I never stopped my feet going though. It was, as I remembered from so long ago, sometimes a battle of my legs which wanted me to sit and my butt which wanted to be anywhere BUT the seat. But I kept going throughout the whole thing, even if I was sitting.

I honestly did have to remind myself a few times that I AM strong. That I HAVE completed 4 half and 3 full marathons. And also remind myself that when I first started with C25K it wasn’t always easy. And I think that helped me keep going, even when it was really tough.

I was talking with Jeff a little after class and stretching, and I told him about having to remind myself about the marathons, etc. during class and he nodded. He said it’s a completely different muscle-use pattern but also a totally different cardio pattern. He said it just takes some time to get into it and learn the new patterns. I told him I teach and can’t come during the week in the mornings until school is out, but I think I will make it a habit to come on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I do like it…in a sick and twisted way. 😛

Even if it is humbling.


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