Training-wise I mean. Not new running toys, alas.

On Wednesday, I met with my new trainer at the gym for our first session. He’d gone over what he learned in my evaluation session and what my goals were and come up with a three little groupings of exercises that are my plan. I do one group three times, then the next group three times, then the final group three times. It’s definitely challenging, and I’ve definitely got room to grow.

It’s not just physically challenging either. In my final set, I have to use the TRX handles, leaning back and pulling myself up. That means I have to trust my grip in order to lean back like I need to. I don’t have the strongest grip in the world. In fact, I still have very vivid memories of being at a water park and falling off the zipline FAR earlier than was intended (though luckily over the water) because I just didn’t have the strength to hold my grip. (Ok, I was also a lot heavier then, but those things stay with you.) One good thing is that the handles are pretty tacky, so I can feel more solid with it. My trainer also said that until I felt really comfortable, I could only step like half a foot up rather than a full foot up so I’m not leaning back as far. I have to do it 15 times each circuit rep, and I did it! Both Wednesday and today! And I go from that into push-ups – real ones, not on my knees. Always a challenge. He’s not making me go all the way down yet – that will be once I can do them about halfway comfortably and in proper form (translation/; not dipping my head to make myself think I’m going down further). And then it’s into single-leg bridges on each side. Repeat those three times.

The first set is single-leg lunges on each leg and then dead lifts and then over-head presses with the 12-lb bar I use with the deadlifts. The second set is squats into bicep curls (8 pounds) and then a plank for 30 seconds and then tricep kickbacks.

So I’m definitely never bored!

I did it on my own this morning – yes, the gym WAS open, which made me really happy. My trainer was there working with another client, but he did make a couple of encouraging comments when I a) started to lose my balance on the standing lunges and b) when I made a form correction on the plank. I also chatted with another trainer briefly while her client went to get water. She’s done 15 NYC Marathons – and she agrees that it’s gotten ridiculously expensive. She asked if I was working with a trainer and I pointed across the gym. She clearly wasn’t trying to poach as she said “Oh he’s good. He’ll know exactly what to do for what you want.” So that made me feel good, especially since I just randomly got connected with mine based on him being there when I asked the front desk. LOL.

But overall I feel good about this new step! Hooray!!


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